Men Who Marry Their Yoga Instructors. ~ Michelle Marchildon

Via Michelle Marchildon
on Jul 1, 2012
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My husband, who is an intelligent, conservative businessman with an Ivy-League degree and a way around a rifle from growing up in Montana, loves to tell people that his wife is a yoga instructor.

Right? Because the subtext is, “Woooo hoooo, you should see where she can put her legs.”

This goes over great at cocktail parties and recently at his high school reunion, until it turned out that just about everyone there was also a yoga instructor.

So when Alex Baldwin married his 28-year-old yoga instructor recently, I’m sure I heard the snickering all the way from New York. Come on people, he married her for her, um, brains? Why would a 54-year-old millionaire marry his yoga instructor? Because he can.

In reality, marrying your yoga instructor is not as sexy as you might think.

If you are currently dating your guru, here are some things you should be aware of before you say “I do.”

  • >>It only sounds sexy to be able to put both feet behind your head. In reality, it’s kind of freaky.
  • >>Yes, most yoga instructors are very flexible. However, they are probably inflexible about what you eat, if you can drink, and how often you should practice.
  • >>Yoga instructors like to spend their vacation time at retreats, most of which are vegan. This was a shock to my husband who was looking for a single malt scotch to go with the buffet.
  • >>Yoga instructors do often have a hot body. However, most teachers I know go to bed early to be up for morning meditation or practice. So that window of opportunity opens and closes pretty fast.
  • >>Yoga instructors are cheap dates. My husband noted at one holiday party that every single yogini was drunk, probably because we are underfed and dehydrated. This was awesome, until my studio manager at the time walked right up to Mike, kissed him with tongue, then turned around and threw up. And you know I can’t make this stuff up.
  • >>Yoga instructors are not known for their cleanliness. I often teach two classes in a row, then take one myself, and go to the grocery store looking like a drowned rat. My teenage son once told me that when I pick him up from school, I look like I just got off the pole.

So congratulations to Alec Baldwin from the Yogi Muse. May you both find happiness as you embark on your journey down a long and winding road, which I know you will enjoy in many positions—probably all before 9:00 p.m.


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32 Responses to “Men Who Marry Their Yoga Instructors. ~ Michelle Marchildon”

  1. fat chance says:

    Michelle, this marriage should work out just fine. Given his age, he's probably in bed by 9pm anyway.

  2. Michelle Marchildon says:

    You made me laugh!

  3. Marjorie says:

    Laughing out loud Michelle. Thank you

  4. yogasamurai says:

    "So when Alex Baldwin married his 28-year-old yoga instructor recently, I’m sure I heard the snickering all the way from New York. Come on people, he married her for her, um, brains? Why would a 54-year-old millionaire marry his yoga instructor? Because he can."

    You got to be fucking kidding me! In this setting she is the gold-digging vixen. He's child's play to a woman on the make who has this much psychological and spiritual leverage.

    Amazing that you would propagate the male dominant stereotype? I'm not angry, just dumbfounded.

    I've been in that setting. It's the women doing the preying. No doubt about it. The fact that he consents to it, or sees it as a free or equal exchange just says a lot about Mr. Baldwin. I'm afraid.

    Hilarious. "Because SHE can," you mean.There are tons of female instructors who would love to be in that position – and then pretend – play to the prevailing cultural stereotype – that he somehow seduced her.

  5. thoreau says:

    So why did his yoga instructor marry him?

    By all accounts Alec Baldwin is an angry and selfish twit. Surely a yoga instructor wouldn't put financial consideration above kindness and respect.

    Or would she?

  6. Michelle Marchildon says:

    Who really knows why anyone marries anyone? And why would we want to?

  7. Thanks for such a great perspective on this, from the inside out. Having dated one or two yoga teachers and being over fifty myself, you've inspired me to write a blogpost for my Men After Fifty site about midlife crisis and marrying your yoga teacher :)
    Thanks so much,

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  9. Andie says:

    Great! My husband can attest to it all! Thank you for the laughs.

  10. I love those holiday yogi parties –pretty sure I was at that one, but who can remember these things with clarity?

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