The only kind of Coconut Water worth buying? Raw.

Via on Aug 20, 2012

Want Coconut Water? Skip Vitacoco, O.N.E & Zico—find a Coconut, or “Harmless Coconut.”

Recently, I took my first vacation in a long time—in Maui. It was my first time journeying over an ocean. And…I opened up my first coconut, and learned how to drink it. I’d had a few, of course, in the past, that had been opened for me—but something about drinking it (practically) right off the tree reminded me, a la Michael Pollan, of the vitality that is in local, organic, raw, unprocessed.

And so I found it little surprise to see our friends at Yoganonymous (link below) report that the unrecyclable, over-packaged Zico and friends—the instigators of the yoga-happy coconut-water-crazy of the last few years—were selling healthy hype.

And we’ve been buying.

Via elephriend Karen Solomon (who even now is on her way to her first Burning Man):

“Vitacoco and O.N.E. all have been hit with class-action lawsuits. Honestly, the products aren’t as fresh as real coconut water since every single company is required to pasteurized their product before it can enter the US to make sure that there aren’t any dangerous living organisms. I’ve taken to purchasing my coconut water straight from the coconut at Whole Foods, with some of the top taken off.” ~ Karen Solomon
If you love consumption, and helping to create more plastic bottles, this is the only kind of Coconut Water worth the price of admission.
For more: our pals at Yoganonymous (their article still includes Zico in the lawsuit, which isn’t correct). Yoganonymous’ conclusion?
“Personally, I’ve pulled way back on buying coconut water. It’s one of those occasional treats as I’ve been reminded just how good simple pure water is for keeping me hydrated. And should I really need a boost of electrolytes, that’s what sea salt is good for!”

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21 Responses to “The only kind of Coconut Water worth buying? Raw.”

  1. Jessica says:

    I lived in Hawai'i for over 7 years. Zico, Vitacoco, O.N.E, are fine to drink. Sure it doesn't taste as good as a fresh coconut, but all other juices taste better fresh. E.g: fresh juiced apple juice tastes better than a bottled version.

    • beatrice says:

      zico is yack!!! and not 100% pure coconut water.. you have to read all the label. i have tried 20 different brands. Vitacoco and Jax coco are the best!!!! but for my taste Jax coco is the number one ,better taste for sure!!! i always order online now !! but sometimes i buy it in harvey nickols in london .

  2. Jessica says:

    I would also like to add I have had the 100% raw coconut water version of the drink being advertised in this post. I agree, it does taste good. Living on the Garden Isle of Hawai'i coconuts were everywhere. Depending on the young coconuts age the bottled O.N.E versions sometimes tasted better. I have been loving coconut water for years. Fresh and from the bottle.

  3. Jamie says:

    Coconut water is the best thing that has ever happened to the beverage world! This is just a speed bump. In the litigation battle I put my money on Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola to win and for a long term future for coconut water.

  4. marinachetner says:

    HARMLESS HARVEST IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness someone else has posted about this :) I'm an advocate – my go to coconut water. It definitely beats every other coconut water out there.

  5. Barbara says:

    I do not like bottle coconut water just because how it tastes! A fresh coconut, especially if it has been on ice is amazing and delicious. It will cure a hang over stomach too. Lucky I live Hawaii.

    • beatrice says:

      i am agree with you!!! :-) but seriously , i cannot see me walking in london , in hight street with a big coconut on my side!!! hahahah i prefer in that case in a bottle lol. there is a luxury version in glass and i love it!!! i am a fashion woman!!!!
      do you know JAX?? JAX COCO. the bottle is very cute!!you can have it in Harvey Nikols

  6. William Space says:

    We need to confront the unrecyclable packaging, especially in our cooperatives

  7. jodi says:

    i drink a lot of coconut water.. and was drinking that raw brand until …. me and my friends got rancid water from whole foods… scary…i now drink real coconut water from nirvana… so yummy ))

  8. Lauren says:

    Hmm, I am assuming that the Zola brand is also bad news for this!

  9. Lunaru says:

    …but then you have to wonder about the imported whole coconuts… are they soaked in formaldehyde???

  10. sanctus says:

    Umm the thai coconuts with tops cut off are dipped in msb and irradiated! so how are they healthier they don't culture so very little life left, I tried:)

  11. [...] the young and beautiful tire of topping off their tans, they head to the Coconut Stand—a dump located on the corner of the Gokulum high [...]

  12. DaveYoga says:

    Here is another coconut water brand I've tried. Its pretty cool. Best part, its powdered coconut water so you just add water. Its at

  13. beatrice says:

    i have no problem to drink coconut water from a plastic bottle or a tetrapak
    i have tried Zico coconut water, it is disgusting! zico have a taste of soap bath and far away from the real taste. I am from jamaica and i have tried many coconut water in London VitaCoco was the best . now a new brand is arrived JAX COCO , And i have to say this brand have the taste! In my eyes today the best coconut in UK is Jax coco. . now i order on line make my life easy

  14. Christian e says:

    Is it worth using a buyers agent when purchasing a property?

    What kind of value can I expect?

  15. Emily says:

    I love VitaCoco

  16. Sam says:

    You are not factoring in transportation costs, sure real coconuts are nutritionally better and taste good but the shipping weight is quite huge if they are imported adding to greenhouse gases and pollution of the oceans. Surely it is better to buy coconut water (as pure as possible) packaged well (recucyclable, BPA free etc) when local coconuts are not available?

  17. Melina P. says:

    Exotic Superfoods sells organic, raw (yes, it's actually unpasteurized) coconut water. It is bottled fresh and immediately frozen (sorry it does come in plastic bottles unfortunately). I use it to make my own coconut water kefir and love it. I also buy their young thai coconut meat too. It is also organic and immediately frozen, which allows you to avoid the usual contamination issues with getting young thai coconut water or meat. There is no need to worry about mold contamination; the rare organic thai coconuts that are shipped here typically have some mold on them by the time the get here from overseas. Also, since the exotic superfoods coconuts are organic they are not drenched with fungicides in order to "survive" the journey. I figured I would mention them because I love their products and hope they stay in business so check them out if you are interested.

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