Just This.

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We are busy people.

We make the bees look like slackers.

But sometimes, sometimes I remember and catch myself when I’m going in a thousand different directions at once,

(and multitasking, even though it makes me stupid)

and remind myself of two words that calm me.

Two words, that like have a pulse like rhythm and bring me back to the present moment.

Two words as a mantra:

“Just this.”

“Just this.”

“Just this.”

Source: theblackworkshop.tumblr.com via Amber on Pinterest


And I will start the water, let it run and let the steam hit my face.

I will slowly undress and take the day off with my clothes.

I will slip into the too-hot bathwater.

I will breathe in the soap and steam and my own scent.

I will let my muscles relax into the heat and finally, slowly exhale.

I will stop.

I will just do this.


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  1. Edie Lazenby edie says:

    Love it!

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