Dancing on the Shadows.

Via on Feb 6, 2013

I fell in love with yoga because it showed me how many boxes I had locked myself in, losing sight my authentic self completely.

It taught me that nothing is good or bad on its own, but only when measured against truth, intent and greater good.

At first, it was scary to begin breaking down boxes but soon it became exhilarating. At times, I can become like the Hindu Goddess and ego shatterer, Kali, hardly able to control myself.

Still, as a woman, sometimes I get asked to crawl back into my box; and sometimes I think about crawling back in, all by myself. But here is my response to that.

Be careful what you ask for, because in trampling out all the negative thoughts I had about myself, I trampled on all the negative thoughts I had about you.

In stomping on the judging thoughts about who I was I stomped out the judgements I had made about you.

In dancing on the shadows of doubt and learning to love myself, I started loving you.

When we break down the boxes and walls we build around ourselves, to keep us safe, we break down the barriers we’ve built against each other and we begin to really practice yoga.

If you are my teacher and I am yours, let us not ask anything of each other, just sync your breath to mine and be here.

Like we were when we were kids, not swayed by the judging mind, not trying to be something else, and not far from the wisdom we had before.

Sharpen your sword of love and cut down any overgrown ideas that strangle your true path and keep us from walking it together.



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About Dani McGuire

Dani McGuire is a yoga teacher and asana addict who loves love, life, family, food, God and, of course, yoga. “Since I am unable to quiet the mental chatter and control thirst for earthly pleasures I live, write and laugh and my human-ness.” Dani leads yoga workshops and teacher trainings and is the founder of Pranayoga Foundation, a nonprofit teaching yoga to people with cancer and chronic illness. Connect with Dani via her website and Prana Yoga Foundation or view Dani's video.


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  1. graceonthefly says:

    Thank you.,..some days these walls need an extra hard punch

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