Morning Decaf with a Big Surly Biker.

Via on May 19, 2013


“I like my coffee black, my beer from Germany, wine from Burgundy, the darker, the better. I like my heroes complicated and brooding, James Dean in oiled leather, leaning on a motorcycle. You know the color. (“Ode to Chocolate”)” ~  Barbara Crooker

I had decaf with a biker this morning—an ominous and quite surly sort of fellow.

We talked about life and politics and things…and then he bought me one of those miniature egg sandwiches.

And, then I asked him about all of his military patches, I was most interested in the Purple Heart he had pinned to his hat.

“I got that in ‘Nam,” he said, somewhat matter-of-factly,”pulled three of my buddies off of a field during a maneuver.”

What he didn’t include were the words, “under heavy enemy fire”—because, real heroes never really have to.

So, I asked him directly, “How did you do that? What went through your head?”

To which he replied,

“Well, not much, I guess—I was pretty stoned out of my gourd.”

Apparently, his buddies look a bit like smooth leather balls on a high school football field.

And, that, my dear friends, is just how I spent my morning.

People often ask me, “Where do you find your inspiration to write?”

To which I may now reply,

“Inspiration will always find you, my dear—even when sitting at a coffee shop sipping decaf with a biker.


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Alex Myles is qualified as a Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Teacher of Tibetan Meditation, Dragon Magic and a Spiritual coach to name just a few. Alex has no intention to teach others on a formal basis for many years to come, instead, she is collecting qualifications along with life’s lessons. One day, when the time is right, Alex will set up a quaint studio, in a quirky crooked building where she will breathe and appreciate the slowness of those days as life is just way too busy right now! Reading and writing has always been one of Alex’s passions. Alex likes to consider herself as a free spirit rather than a commitment-phobe. Trying to live as aligned to a Buddhist lifestyle as is possible in this day and age, she just does not believe in "owning" anything or anyone. Based on the theory that we ‘cannot lose someone that was not ours to lose’ she flails through life finding joy and magic in the most unexpected places. Mother to a 21 year old daughter and three adorable pups, she appreciates that some of the best moments in life are the 6am forest walks watching the dogs run, play and interact with one another and with nature. Connect with her on Facebook and check out her blog, Love and Madness. 


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