A Haircut That Will Warm Any Heart. {Video}

Via on Mar 14, 2014

Photo: t-bet

Exactly one month ago, I made the decision to cut my hair.

And when I say cut, I mean chop off a foot.

Being a ballet dancer, relatively long hair has always been a part of my identity; this, however, was the longest my hair had ever been.

And what better thing to do with incredibly long, thick, and healthy hair than donate it?

Much like I did, three-year-old Emily James felt compelled to put her beautiful hair to good use (except she’s much cuter than I am). As the generous little lady explains, “Sometimes kids gets sick… and then their hair falls out. That’s really really sad.”

So, she made the decision to donate her hair (Dolly got a haircut, too).

Lucky for us, Emily’s parents captured both her haircut and her extraordinary heart in this short video. I dare you not to melt while watching and listening to this compassionate young soul:

YouTube Preview Image


Note: Locks of Love, the organization to which I donated my hair, provides wigs for financially disadvantaged children experiencing medical hair loss from any diagnosis. If you’re interested in donating your hair to this wonderful organization, check out their guidelines to learn if and how you can. I plan to grow it and do it all over again.


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