January 13, 2010

I’m with Coco. The Poster. The Facebook Page. Viva la Grassroots.

Fan the I’m with Coco Page. Or Group. Keep Conan at Tonight, find a good spot for Jay, we can sort this one out.

Mike Mitchell, made the above viral portrait for free use across the interwebs. He encourages fans to post it to their blogs, FB, and Twitter accounts.

While it’s far less important than other issues we’re reporting and hoping to get our readers active on, the Tonight Show is perhaps America’s most powerful forum, a tradition that enters living rooms across the US five nights a week for decades—and that’s influence, and fun is important, and politics and culture, society is important, and Conan is our man for the job for the next 20 years.

Why do we love Conan? Click and watch and laugh and click.

People of the Earth!

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