April 20, 2011

Another Great Cleansing Recipe. Raw Thai Stirred, Not Fried.

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If you’re like me, summer time weather is looming and you’ve realized it’s time to shrug off that sluggish digestion resulting from a heavy winter diet.

This is a wonderful spring time cleansing recipe.  Rich in enzymes this raw combo is filling and satisfying!  Ginger and garlic are wonderful liver detoxifiers, grade B maple syrup is rich in minerals, and the cruciferous vegetables are intestinal scrubbers.

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Now on to the recipe~

Raw Thai Stirred Not Fried:

2 cups purple cabbage chopped

2 cups white cabbage chopped

2 cups cauliflower chopped

1/2 cup chopped cilantro (cilantro absorbs heavy metals from your body and the soil it grows in, so buy organic)

1 chopped avocado

Mix the above ingredients together in a large bowl.

In another bowl combine:

1 inch grated fresh ginger

1 large garlic clove (grate it with the skin on, super easy way to chop!)

2 T maple syrup (grade B for high minerals)

4 T Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce that is alive with enzymes)

1/4 cup olive oil

Mix together and pour over chopped vegetables.  Combine, top with raw macadamia nuts and enjoy.


Photo of cabbage from hoogliart

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