8 Reasons We Love Telluride. ~ Emily Casey & Charles Hurd

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on May 30, 2011
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1. Nestled in the snow covered mountains and cliffs, Telluride is a breathtakingly beautiful small community of active go getters. Telluride is the home and birth place of MountainFilm, which is a testament to their awareness and desire to be the change they wish to see in the world.

2. Much like Boulder the folk here especial enjoy the company of their divine K9 partners. Among the many we found a mini-horse size dog waiting outside a Thai restaurant. This picture does not nearly do this massive animal justice.

3. Plentiful nooky coffee shops to adhere to our elephanting duties. Yesterday we posted up in between films in the back corner of Steaming Bean Coffee Company.

4. Prayer flags are abundant, giving us hope that maybe somebody, somewhere might hear us from this remote mountain town…

5. Free shwag! The Telluride community has a tradition of a “Free Box”. Applause local recycling! Every week it is cleaned out and what’s left is donated. We love this idea of sharing directly with your community and think Boulder needs one too. Also we’ve been delighted with free parking, free gondola rides, and a free beer for being part of Mountain Film!

6. Charles digs the Buddha Eyes they match his vibe…

7.  This town knows…and tells it like it is…

“We Get Our Brains Washed Daily With CNN & Fox”


“Meditate..Just Do it…Gee It Really Works!”
Emily approves…

8. Telluride’s got love for Thomas Jefferson and The Dalai Lama all in one place— Rock on.  They truly embrace these two phrases with the phenomenally inspiring MountainFilm festival they host annually.

“Where Ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” — The Dalai Lama

“Every generation needs a new revolution” — Thomas Jefferson


Emily and Charles are aspiring journalist, film makers, and manifestation experts. They feel blessed with the opportunity to be at MountainFilm and suggest you look out for upcoming inspiration from them.


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2 Responses to “8 Reasons We Love Telluride. ~ Emily Casey & Charles Hurd”

  1. Ned Hallinan says:

    Honestly, Telluride is in Colorado, But far from the likes of Boulder, Denver & other places in CO. It
    can be called a Shangri-La . We need no Celebrities. We keep things quiet, only nice people with
    a background in Quietivity live here. Although we see Ferrari's, Aston Martin's and other high end cars,
    they are given to the residents by our Shaman. That is all to be said. Live on Telluride, and as our
    residents of the past once said to all; "To Hell-U-Ride"