June 10, 2011

10 Creative Ways to Kick your Hangover. ~ Jolee McBreen

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Many of us – at some point in our lives, have probably had one too many. Or four too many. In any case, a hangover is never a welcome visitor, but sometimes he can’t be stopped.

With summer upon us I’ve notice the ever more present itch to let our hair down. School’s out for most, we’re being invited to countless weddings and barbeques; holidays generally come with the excuse to eat and drink too much. Or if you’re me and it’s just another Friday morning, you could find yourself in need of some assistance.

So here’s a list of some creative and healthy ways to kick your hangover to the curb.

At least until next week.


1.) Miso Hungry.

Miso soup can help us replace a lot of what our bodies need to feel better: water, sodium, and other nutrients that are depleted by the diuretic effects of alcohol. Miso soup offers trace minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins, among others, to help cleanse the body. Because it’s fermented and contains healthy bacteria, it also aids in digestion. Adding some miso soup to your diet can help you get back some of the nutrients you’ve lost the night previous. I wish I could say the same for your missing shoes…

2.) Mega Omega 3s.

If you don’t know already, omega 3 fatty acids are phenomenal for you. Enjoy them in pill form or integrate some flax seed, salmon, or spinach into your diet. To help a hangover, take some when you get home, wake up, and you can continue to do so during the next day. Alcohol causes inflammation and since omegas are proven to fight inflammation, they’re a match made in hangover heaven. Omegas also do wonders for your skin, so pop a few if your skin is feeling dry and blotchy the next day.

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3.) Drink Kombucha Tea.

I will admit that I have yet to try this stuff because I’m not a huge fan of weird stuff floating in my beverages. But I might have to start since they’re rumored to help your hangover. Lindsay Lohan approves so who am I to disagree? Like miso, Kombucha is fermented which will help with your angry tummy. Too much alcohol disrupts the stomach lining and lets just say your digestive track can be a bit… upset. Kombucha is also been attributed to “restoring healthy balance in the body” and even contains a bit of alcohol itself – a little hair of the dog?

4.) Have Sex. Or Just Cuddle.

I approve of both since physical contact releases oxytocin and other hormones that make you happy. After a night of drinking your laziness could leave you feeling glum. Any sort of intimate interaction could be just the thing to put that skip back in your step. But only do so if you enjoy the other person. Sex with someone you don’t like won’t help your hangover – or anything else for that matter.

5.) Get It Worked Out.

If there’s ever a reason to splurge on a massage, a hangover just may be your reason. The verdict is still out for many people on whether or not a massage is a good idea after a night of drinking – but venturing out for some R&R could do wonders. Getting a massage is obviously relaxing and makes you feel good, but they’re also proven to boost your immune system with more white blood cells. This might not help you feel 100% right in the moment, but it could ward off other illnesses lurking behind your hangover due to lack of sleep, a lowered immune system, and so on.

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6.) Bath Time.

Not only are baths soothing and relaxing, adding some mustard or wasabi can be beneficial to you hangover. Stay with me on this one. Mustard is known to increase circulation and draw out toxins. Using mustard powder or buying a pre-made mustard bath product (yes, one exists) can help soothe and replenish.

Wasabi, like mustard, is another toxin eliminator. Wasabi bath treatments are alsavailable for purchase and mixing it into a bath can help with nausea, fever, and indigestion.

7.) Squeeze in a Mini Work Out.

The stance on whether or not to exercise is divided, but if you feel up to it, go for it. Obviously, if you can’t peel yourself from the couch, or off the bathroom floor, then it’s best to take the day off. If you are going to exercise, take it easy and hydrate! Exercise increases circulation and releases endorphins. I know for myself, working out even a little just helps put my mind at ease. Try some light cardio or yoga. Since you’re most likely already dehydrated don’t over do it; stay away strenuous cardio or hot yoga. Otherwise you may find yourself apologizing to other yogis wondering why it smells like Tequila.

8.) Make A Banana, Blueberry, Kale and Lemon Smoothie.

Antioxidants, check. Potassium, check. Natural sugars, check. Vitamins, check. Digestive enzymes, check. Rather than all the resting, waiting, or feel-good attempts, this remedy really does help heal your hangover with all it’s nutritional goodies. Just remember to make it fresh and finish every last drop!

9.) Coo Coo for Coconuts.

The milk found in coconuts is like nature’s Gatorade–but better. According to TIME, it has the identical five electrolytes found in blood. (Gatorade only has two, just sayin’). It’s a great addition to water to help you replenish and revive your body.

10.) Enjoy It?

Sometimes I like to think of a hangover as a good friend you see from time to time that reminds you to just take it easy. He tells you to have a seat, kick up your feet, and you deserve a day off. Now, he is probably saying this while punching you in the head, but there’s nothing you can do about it now. Just remember how much fun last night was, even if you can’t remember much at all.


Jolee McBreen is a student at the Art Institute and whips up delicious coffee concoctions at a coffee shop in Denver. When she’s not avoiding homework or steaming milk she can be caught with her family, friends, snuggling her two adorable dogs, or dancing… pretty much anywhere.

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