And…Sh*t Vegans Say.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 3, 2012
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Bill Fcuking Clinton. Are we out of Nutritional Yeast?

Sh*t Girls Say. More Sh*t Girls Say. Sh*t Gay Guys say. Sh*t Asian Ladies Say…Sh*t Black Ladies Say. Sh*t Southern Gay Guys Say. Sh*t Yogis Say.

Youtube has been overrun.

And now…you have to read Skinny Bitch. What time is Whale Wars on? She eats fish now:

Since the PC police demand that I make clear my feelings or views as separate from videos I pass along, I’ll say this is pretty accurate, though obviously funnyized, dramatized, sillyized, and not as funny as the original Sh*t Girls Say, Sh*t Gay Guys Say, or Sh*t Yogis Say. Still, it’s purty good. Good? Good.


PS: Sorry, Bill Clinton is not vegan. He was 95% vegan for awhile…which is far from 100%, considering the definition of veganism. Still, his diet and health recovery is inspiring.


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14 Responses to “And…Sh*t Vegans Say.”

  1. jeni vegan says:


  2. Lauren says:


  3. Amy Ippoliti says:

    I cried laughing…this one is the best of the Sh*t people Say vids…who is next?

  4. Ali Smithers says:

    She's a veganaquarium now! She eats fish, yuch……

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  9. Lisa says:

    Today after lunch I rubbed my belly and said "I think I ate too much soysage"…my husband said I sounded like this guy hahah!

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  11. simcity says:

    Very funny to see! I'll share this and will wait for more from you! Can't wait for the next funny, silly things!

  12. simcity says:

    We just can’t wait for the next venture that you will cover! So funny!