What Have You Heard About SOPA in the News?

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Jan 12, 2012
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If you rely on corporate-owned media, the answer is nothing!








If it’s such a good thing, why are mainstream news outlets silent?

Even everyone’s favorite politically savvy funnyman, Jon Stewart has been uncharacteristically silent on the topic. When asked recently, Stewart said that he would have to do his homework before commenting further.

So what is SOPA? Why should you care? Steven Colbert chimes in:



The important thing you need to hear at 3:12:

“There are other parts of the law that say that if there are sites overseas that the Attorney General doesn’t like, the Attorney General without any other adversarial proceeding can get an order asking American internet companies to cut off that site. In essence, this law takes a page out of the playbooks of China and Iran for internet regulation.”

~ Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Internet Law; Harvard Law School.

Is the issue at hand protecting the rights of artists and musicians? Are we talking about protecting from theft here, or are we talking about giving the government free reign to censor any unwanted materials from other countries?

So what’s the deal with SOPA? If you are okay with the government deciding what you get to see online, nothing. Exactly what all those corporate-owned news outlets are telling you about it.

If free speech matters to you, keep supporting indie media. Keep a lookout for when companies you trust like GoDaddy stop serving your best interests. Boycott companies that support this type of legislation. Keep tabs on your Congressman and Senator and keep telling them it doesn’t serve your interests. (And keep supporting the ones that get it right!)

If we don’t speak up, this is what we have to look forward to:



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7 Responses to “What Have You Heard About SOPA in the News?”

  1. greenbless says:

    On January 18th, many large sites will be blacked out in protest of SOPA. The petition and strike page are located here: http://sopastrike.com/

  2. Yes! Keep watching for an update–we are planning to follow suit.

  3. Just posted to Elephant Enlightened Society on Facebook.

    Bob W.

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  5. greenbless says:

    The most recent news from craigslist: a full page of ideas and links to fight SOPA.
    {MUST READ} http://www.craigslist.org/about/SOPA

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