April 1, 2013

I’ve got some big (little) news. [April Fool’s]

Warning: nothing is true.

Waylon Lewis, founder of Elephant, announces Engagement. And that’s not All.

I’m engaged.

And that’s not all. We’re pregnant.

Update on the recent news: Elephant acquired by Alo, merges with Wanderlust to form mindful media empire. Here’s the purchase price.

It’s my pleasure to let Elephant readers know something only my closest friends have known (and only for the last few weeks or so, we were waiting ’til we were three weeks in)—I’m honored to announce my engagement with a young lady who many of you have seen on Elephant, and in my Instagram stories and life, recently.

Many of you know her well. She’s a wonderful writer, a dancer, a silly monkey, a talent, a passionate vegan cook, a loving partner…she lives down South, we “met” just six months or so ago and have been visiting one another as often as possible over the last months.

And somehow, being two media-happy folks, we managed not to instagram all about the pregnancy.

While I’m sorry not to be able to go into more detail, I can say I’m not only head over heels but I feel like we have a good, solid, grounded friendship.

While we haven’t yet lived together or spent as much time together as we’d like, the long distance relationship, and being on my own most of the time, has taught me many lessons about love, letting go, loneliness, trust, and commitment.

We both want to have many children.

Thanks very much for listening.

Yours in happiness,

Waylon Lewis.







I'm sad to say that my dream girl has broken our engagement. 

Apparently, she doesn't exist, which I'm supportive of and understanding 

about...but she feels we're just incompatible, her being fantastic, while 

I'm "totally attached" to reality.

With mutual respect and deep, 24-hour sadness, we've agreed to part ways.


On the eve of April 2nd.
Boulder, Colorado.


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