June 29, 2013

6 Lazy ways to get Happier, Sexier, Healthier, Richer.

What’s one healthy magical little specific awesome habit that you have, daily, that makes you happier and healthier? Leave a tip in comments, below.

Master this one simple (yet impossible) trick and you’ll be happier, healthier, sexier, even richer. Do nothing fully and properly before doing anything. Practice it diligently and with good cheer…even for two minutes in the morning and two at night.


6. You can’t “get” Happier, Sexier, Healthier, Richer. You can, however, learn to “be” Happier, Sexier, Healthier, and even Richer. How? Relax. Be yourself. But don’t be caught up in yourself. How? Well, there’s lots of ways. Most involve the breath. Relaxing. Opening up. My suggestion is the most basic: nothing. Do nothing. Practice doing nothing. It’s the opposite of multi-tasking. Do less, and do it better, and more fully. Do life fully.

There’s an easy technique for practicing this, called meditation. Here’s how. Do it twice a day, every day , if only for a few minutes. Everyone has time for a few minutes.

But you can start right now without calling it meditating simply by breathing, relaxing, sitting up, relaxing again, breathing again, and doing less. Don’t fill the gaps of your life. If you’re caught in traffic, look around and enjoy where you’re at. If you’re at a stoplight, waiting to be able to walk across the crosswalk, don’t check your phone.

The phone is a brilliant test of how present we are. Check it less. Check it only when you need to.

That’s it.



Don’t multi-task.

You may not be fully happy, rich, healthy, sexy or holy. But you’ll be on your way. You’ll feel happier, your experience of life will be richer and your business acumen will refine in its charm. You’ll breathe and eat more fully and better, and you’ll shine from the inside-out, making you more attractive.


Here’s 5 Peculiar Tips, from Tanya. We miss Tanya.

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