Ban Glue Traps: Here’s an Easy Alternative.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 27, 2013
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Humane way to catch a mouse

How to Catch a mouse


“The humane way to get rid of mice is to put peppermint oil (not extract) on cotton balls and place them where you have seen the mice. They can’t stand the scent and will pack up and leave. Bonus – your house smells like Christmas.”



Have a heart! Photo of a free, easy, humane mouse or rat trap for your home.

Friend Had A Rodent Problem, She Solved It With This No-Kill Mouse Trap, Easy DIY – Bucket, Spoons, Peanut Butter, Bench (

For more: the Buddhist Solution to a Mouse Problem.

Comments via Reddit: “Awesome woman! I’ve had to witness a tiny mouse stuck to a glue tray and it was horrible for him and made a lasting impression on me. (I ended up having to finish the job…not my idea of fun.) Make sure she seals any holes they may use to get in the house.” Another: “I have a brother that moved out west a long time ago. I don’t really hear from him mice ratsoften but he is a big hunter/fisherman/mountain man and actually surprised me when he spoke about a mouse he found on a glue trap when he was a kid. He heard it screaming and wanted to help it. He tried to pull it off with pliers but accidentally pulled all the skin off of the mouse and he could see all the organs pumping and everything. He smashed it’s head immediately to kill it. It was strange to me to see how much it tore him up to recall the memory. It stuck with him. I never would have cared before but I’ll never use one of those things to catch a mouse.”

“This is an even better version because you never have to reset it.”



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2 Responses to “Ban Glue Traps: Here’s an Easy Alternative.”

  1. {mgn} says:


  2. Mr. Anti-Hyperbolic says:

    Not sure I would consider the suggested as viable replacement to the glue trap in most any reasonable situation one could hypothetically conceive.

    These are "alternatives" in much the same way driving a garbage truck to work everyday would be an "alternative" to my normal, reasonably sized car. Interesting merely in the "armchair academic" sense yet wildly impractical and inconvenient.

    There is no reasonable and sane audience for such a large and inelegant Rube Goldberg-esque contraption. A mouse trap sized larger than an ice cream machine is beyond absurd. It would have been far more age appropriate for you to have simply stated this as a "mouse trap" rather than as a viable alternative to the compact glue trap design — they are more or less complete opposites in every conceivable aspect.

    Personally, I would be ashamed to ask for "Tips."