June 24, 2013

Strut Yo Writing: The best articles from our graduating apprentices.

The truth of the matter is, while elephant journal would be able to survive without the blood, sweat, tears and love of our dedicated apprentices…we’d be lonely and sad. Instead, we’re inspired and glad.

For four or six months, they edit, promote and write like mad—and we are always sad to see a group finish (sometimes, we get lucky and they love us so much that they still edit for us after they graduate).

To each of you (Josie Huang, Kevin Macku, Tara Lemieux, Edie Lazenby, Elysha Anderson, Stephanie Vessely, Amy Cushing, Jennifer Townsend, Jayleigh Lewis, Terri Tremblett, Lacy Ramunno, Karla Rodas, Jennifer Spesia, Wendy Keslick, Caroline Scherer, Thandiwe More, ShaMecha Simms, Malin Bergman and Sara Crolick), thank you from the bottom of our elephant hearts.

We asked our most recent group that we bid farewell to send us their favorite posts to share.

Here it is, the best of our recently graduated apprentices:

Elysha Anderson, The Secret of Happiness.

Malin Bergman, Are You One of these Annoying Yoga Types?

Sara Crolick, A Public Apology to my Body.

Amy Cushing, It’s not the Romance, it’s the Cereal.

Josie Huang, Epiphany: This is what it Feels Like to Trust My Body.

Wendy Keslick, Benghazi: Choosing to Focus on the Truth We Share.

Tara Lemieux, The Most Beautiful Explanation of True Love I Could Ever Imagine.

Jayleigh Lewis, Claiming my Asexuality.

Edie Lazenby, Writing Demands Passion.

Kevin Macku, The Deep, Dark Secret of Western Yoga.

Thandiwe Ogbonna, 3 Incredibly Important Questions Everyone Needs to Answer.

Lacy Ramunno, Can We Redesign Our Paths?

Karla Rodas, 5 Shocking Things your Yoga Teacher is Doing Right Now.

Caroline Scherer, Life Lessons as told by this Year’s Oscar Nominees.

ShaMecha Simms, Traveling by Faith.

Jennifer Spesia, Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Always Leave.

Jennifer Townsend, The Gift of Abandonment.

Terri Tremblett, Firsts & Lasts.

Stephanie Vessely, Video of Horse Shooting Sends Message to Animal Activists.


Thanks so much for all you’ve given to elephant!

~ Kate Bartolotta, Bryonie Wise and Brianna Bemel



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