Gnosis. ~ Michael Graber

Via Michael Graber
on Jul 25, 2013
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Gnosis, by Michael Graber

What is being born between us

Was here before and will be again.

Is this poetry or mysticism?

Neither if your whole body doesn’t shiver,

molting under this slow embrace.

Neither if you don’t stagger, though

you haven’t drunk wine.

Neither if you don’t puddle into primal

Soup in love’s cocoon.

Neither if the sun never catches the moon.

Your watch won’t work here, so

measure time by the quality of kisses.


What is being born between us

is a way to embody the spirit,

as it leaps into different dimensions

like a child playing hopscotch.

Your phone—forget it.

Your money—meaningless.

Here, the currency costs

the idea of where your life was going.

Welcome to the frontier.

You must map your heart

for treasure, to know what is

being born between us.



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About Michael Graber

Michael Graber lives in his native Memphis, TN where he leads the Southern Growth Studio, plays mandolin in four bands, scribes on love poems, and practices being a human.


One Response to “Gnosis. ~ Michael Graber”

  1. Ray Berthiaume says:

    This so reminds me of my favorite poet: Rumi!