“Judge rules teaching Yoga in school is not an expression of religion. Dismisses lawsuit by Christians.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 1, 2013
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kids' yogacrow pose kids yogaPoetry_Yoga_Kids_Up_Dog (cropped)

Not the Onion.


Via LA Times: Judge rules teaching Yoga in school is not an expression of religion. Dismisses lawsuit by Christians (latimes.com)

Down Dog! Hail Satan!

In other news: Witches exist and are Evil, so Boycott Harry Potter!

“In Encinitas, it’s being taught to kids in an effort to reduce bullying, obesity and overcompetitiveness…But the district had always allowed children whose families objected to be excused from the classes….”

“I find that ironic, actually. Usually the argument is over whether devout Christians have the right to practice religion any old public place. But I digress.”


Pro-tip: want “kids these days” to stay active in church? Don’t focus on silly fears and hate: focus on Jesus’ message of Love, compassion for the poor and weak, and prayer and songs to God. That’s the kind of Sunday School I went to as a child, and though I’m not Christian, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for those Christians who practice charity instead of prejudice.

“Their argument is that it is a religious activity and therefore should be banned while the same time saying we need religion in schools.”yoga for kids

Bonus: “I bet those religious nut jobs wouldn’t mind at all if the school did the exact same activities, but called them Praise Moves.”


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5 Responses to ““Judge rules teaching Yoga in school is not an expression of religion. Dismisses lawsuit by Christians.””

  1. You do have a unique engaging way of presenting things, Waylon!

    The pictures are absolutely precious. I do this with my grandkids. They are natural mimics, I'm finding.

    Bob W. Editor
    Best of Yoga Philosophy

  2. gdr23 says:

    A good decision! Every kid I have ever met and introduced to yoga loves it!

  3. Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo says:

    The only way to respond to such blatant attempts at control by others is to use sarcasm and humor, because their attempts at control are absurd and ultimately hilarious! 🙂

  4. gertmcqueen says:

    I've seen many children's yoga classes over the years in my 2 yoga studios I attend. I wish I had known about yoga years ago and when my children were young. Alas, I only found yoga in my 50s. Instead of medicating our children with drugs and food we ought to be teaching them how to breathe, move, feel and sit quietly and how the body works.

  5. Jay says:

    I'm with you (re: boycott Harry Potter)!