September 2, 2013

The Magic of Responsibility.

Today marks a new, poignant month. A turning point month, of some sort.

September welcomes the return to school, the changing of the seasons in certain parts of the country, the feeling of hunkering down and resting and recharging before the winter months, and your karma.

Um, that’s right. That word.


September is responsibility time. We can no longer flee that which is before us. We can no longer pretend that stuff doesn’t matter. We can no longer judge others if we can’t look in the mirror. We can no longer blame, shame, or guilt.

We just can’t.

We can no longer take action based on reaction. We can no longer brush aside the notion that we aren’t involved in any of the worldly affairs. We can no longer treat Mother Earth with disrespect. We can no longer busy ourselves so much that we leave important connections on the back burner.

We can no longer place love on a “to do” list.

We can no longer allow our true nature to be stifled.

September is the month to shine. It is putting our best foot forward, and no matter the outcome, taking responsibility for that single step.

It magnifies.

It creates all sorts of harmony when your true self is in perfect alignment with your heart. The feeling you get when you know that whatever you left behind is just that. Your past.

This is a month to allow and accept all that you are, and all that you can offer.

The karmic responsibility towards yourself and others is magical right now.

It is due.

Growing up takes some time and energy and patience, yet what a gift to finally be able to admit that you don’t have all the answers; you are going to quit that dead end job which is leaving you lifeless; you are going to have that conversation with your loved ones despite any possible fears, and that you are worth every effort you put forth with vim and vigor.

I get so excited around this time of year. The weather cools down a bit, it is the end of my own personal yearly cycle (October born, pay attention), the days wind down sooner and I get to see a sunset before 9 p.m.

Taking a big deep breathe to soak it all in brings reality back to the forefront.


September is a magical month of responsibility and awareness.

Dream big. Commit to your goals. And make it happen.


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Ed: Catherine Monkman

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