September 2, 2013

Write Mindfully for elephant, Get Rich: September.

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

We’ve now paid out well over 10,000 mindfully-earned dollars…to our writers. In four months. Fifth month just started, ready, set, mindfully contribute! http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/09/write-for-money-elephant-pays-for-words-september-incentives/

Minimum: four new blogs a month (at least two in first two weeks, at least two in second two weeks).

Want to get paid to write quality, & share it beyond the choir? Four articles a month, minimum: poetry, photos, adventure, green, videos, family, meditation, Dharma, politics, activism, conscious consumerism, contemplative arts, oh my: you can share anything that connects with our mission: to share the mindful life beyond our choir.


  • $50/month if you put up 4 or more a month if you total 6,000 readers or more in the month.

  • $100/month if you put up 4 or more a month (I spend say 10 minutes to 30 minutes on a blog, so that’s in the range of $50/hour) reaching 12,000 readers or more in the month.

  • $200/month if you put up at least 4 blogs a month reaching 20,000 readers a month.

  • $400/month if you put up at least 4 blogs a month reaching 40,000 readers in the month.

  • $750/month if you put up at least 4 or more a month reaching 108,000 readers in the month.

  • $1,000/month if you put up at least 4 or more a month reaching 250,000 readers in the month.

Some general guidelines:

Writers deserve to get paid.

You have to be >consistent< to “win.” Secondly, we will not share anything that’s not >quality<, making it difficult for sexy (lascivious) or kitteny (cute) posts lacking other merits to win. Thirdly, if your consistent and quality writing is popular, we’ll pay you for your work and I’m happy to be able to do this, based on our growth (Elephant’s doing well, growing to 2.5 million, this month: Google Analytics). If you don’t want to get paid, you don’t have to play. Writers who are playing can not share their own posts on FB main page, but can on our appropriate focus pages.

Anyone who shares anything like “help me win so I can make money” will be disqualified: I reserve the right to disqualify anyone who is not writing or sharing in the spirit of our mission. It’s great to say: “help support my work on elephant, here’s an article about xxx yyyy” or “help me, friends, by reading and sharing if so inspired.”

Send your article to:


(Note: editors and volunteers are eligible, but can not share their own articles on our main Facebook page [you can, however, share the article once per day on appropriate focus pages] if you choose to “play.”

Note: if you wish to collect your winnings, you must email your total by noon MST on the 1st of October at the latest to editorial @ elephantjournal dot com. Even five minutes late, and nothing. Seriously).

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Who Won Money from elephant Last Month? Results.

Congratulations to our bloggers from August, 2013.

Krystal Baugher
Articles: 6
Total views: 23,216
Payout: $200.00

Kimberly Lo
Articles: 31
Total views: 43,118
Payout: $400.00

Benjamin Riggs
Articles: 4
Total views: 10,267
Payout: $100.00

Benjamin Neal
Articles: 4
Total views: 13,706
Payout: $100.00

Jennifer White
Articles: 28
Total views: 156,975
Payout: $750.00

Candice Holdorf
Articles: 4
Total views: 111,434
Payout: $750.00

Kate Bartolotta
Articles: 7
Total views: 26,852
payout: $200.00

Michelle Margaret
Articles: 15
Total views: 17,443
Payout: $100.00

Kara-Leah Grant
Articles: 7
Total views: 26,701
Payout: $200.00

Brentan Schellenbach
Articles: 4
Total views: 5,267
Payout: $50.00

Erica Leibrandt
Articles: 15
Total views: 36,812
Payout: $200.00

Michelle Marchildon
Articles: 7
Total views: 17,393
Payout: $100.00

Gerry Ellen Avery
Articles: 7
Total views: 8,289
Payout: $50.00

Amy Angelilli
Articles: 4
Total views: 5,145
Payout: $50.00

Marthe Weyandt
articles: 7
views: 15,738
payout: $100.00


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