How to Love.

Via Renée Picard
on Jun 13, 2014
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It’s important to Love fiercely…but not insanely.

Gently, but not passively.

To love without caring too much about outcomes, without tangling up in politics or labels, insecurities or reaction.

To be vulnerable but not so much that that openness turns to need and suffocates both parties with expectation.

To step back for air at times without turning away.

To honour each person’s space and need to be their (our) own person.

To admit when we are lonely, scared, wrong, sorry.

To regularly exercise trust, despite all risks and against all odds.

To learn, let go and forgive (ourselves) each day.

To be brave enough to choose joy wherever possible.



I have but one request of you, lover: to see me as new as each day is. 

Because I am becoming. 

I am a walking contradiction, every day reborn. 



I Don’t Want to Love You Anxiously 

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About Renée Picard

Renée Picard is a freelance writer and editor. She prefers real conversation over small talk, red over pink, ocean over mountains. She leads life with a soft-but-fierce heart. For her, writing has always been an instinct, a craft, a heart-thing. For more, check out her personal blog or her Medium page. You can also follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  


3 Responses to “How to Love.”

  1. Jamie Khoo says:

    oh Renee, I'm so glad to be reading your beautiful words again. This is perfect – capturing the two sides of every coin that we toss while we're in love. It's a fine balancing act isn't it, and it's easy to tip over one side without even knowing it. A beautiful reminder and a whole practice of mindfulness just within that single act of loving.

    Big love to you xxx

  2. Amy E says:

    AMEN…Could not have said it better myself! I burst out laughing at the "loving insanely" comment. No bunny boiling necessary. We are all a work in progress…fluid, contradictory at times, scared. I'm trying to stay open in what Jamie calls this "balancing act". Thanks for this beautiful prose. I needed to read this today. Every day is a new beginning.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks, Amy! All the best to you. ~ Renee