October 9, 2014

6 No-Bullsh*t Pregnancy Must-Dos.

Photo: Tara Tomlinson provided by author

Lets be real ladies—here are some things that will really ease the transition of becoming a mother, whether it is your first baby or you are adding another.

No bullsh*t here, just some solid advice on filling your cup during pregnancy for the days to come. It is so much easier to savor the joys (and trials) of mothering when you’ve stocked away some serious prep.

1. Feed Your Freezer

Seriously. You will be starving with a baby, and you won’t have much time or energy to cook for yourself. Takeout is expensive and less healthy then some good freezer foods. Would you rather shower or make a sandwich in the three minutes that your three month old is alseep? Yeah….I thought so.

2. Speaking of…Bathe

Like you mean it. Shower till the water runs cold, soak in ten thousand bubbles and use the luxury bath goodies you’ve been hoarding. Because soon, you’re going to shower against the clock, holding your breath, and as they get older that part of motherhood….well….I’ve gotten out of the shower to find peanut butter in my hair and jam smeared on the wall. A shower is a hot commodity in the motherhood gig.

3. Be Alone

Because it isn’t going to happen much again for a long time. Savor some blissful alone time. Read, breathe, swim in the ocean. Wander your favorite store, gaze at the moon, see a movie or treat yourself to ice cream. Whatever you want, just breathe in the silence and solitude.

4. Meditate

Okay, this is like being alone, but it deserves to be said twice. Take time to keep into yourself, to be quiet with the depths of your soul. Journal and let your intuition flow. Check into your emotional wellness and be good to your heart. Pregnancy is the best time to begin a practice of solitude with your inner workings.

5. Date Like You Mean It

With your partner, your friends, older kiddos and other mothers.Tribes are what it is about, my friend, and in a few months it’ll become a lot more complicated to have three course meal with your honey or to sit and have tea with a girlfriend for hours.

6. Just Do It

That project you’ve been putting off? The hobby you adore? The class you want to take? Do it, while you belong completely to yourself. Sure, it’ll happen later, but it is easier to fit it in right now rather than wait for the future.

So, there you have it. Six thoughts on really preparing for motherhood.

Life as a mama is fab, but it is full. There is so little time left for you and you alone. That has its sweetness, but it has its bitterness as well. Savor and use this time of ripening and growth wisely, mama.

Be good to you.

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Photo: Tara Tomlinson, Used with permission


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