January 1, 2015

Clean It Up: 6 Ways to Hit the Reset Button for Your Life.



I’ve been doing a bit of detoxing lately—in my mind, in my spirit, and in my physical life.

It’s something more akin to purging, actually, like early spring cleaning in my house, or something.

I feel pulled from the very pit of my core to cleanse. To remove myself of all that doesn’t serve me. To minimalize. To start over, again, fresh.

This is no accident.

The universe is reminding me that in order to move forward, I must first let go, and not to fall, but instead to climb.

To receive. To see and feel something new. To grow into my new skin.

To use the old as a launch-point from which I can push off, arms outstretched, heart forward, that I might dive headfirst into a new vibration.

I’ve been here a time or two before, and I didn’t listen. I’ve stood on the precipice of change and looked down and refused to budge. 

Choosing to stay in a place I didn’t like simply because I didn’t know where else to stand, or if I’d really like it there.

Remaining stubbornly atop a pile of possessions, statuses, accomplishments and perceptions that I was certain represented me, and thereby my worth, and that I simply couldn’t live without.

And then, I woke up.

I surrendered. I listened. I let go. The cleaning began, and with it, came the healing. And with that, my life really started.

I stopped saying no to the universe, and I remembered that:

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

If your house is a disorganized mess, so then likely is your life. If your storage area is filled with boxes stuffed with your past, then you are probably also physically holding on to those emotions and wounds too.

If you are ignoring financial obligations, playing the role of the ostrich in your reality, most likely you are shortchanging yourself from prosperity in more than just your bank account.

If your calendar is so very full you have to check it just to see if you have time to make a phone call to a friend, there’s very good chance you are also experiencing adrenal fatigue.

If you consistently ignore the fundamental chores and repairs in your home, then you’re probably also not meeting your basic emotional needs. Just like the clogged bathroom sink you’ve avoided dealing with for a month, your emotions are likely starting to back up, and eventually, they too will flood.

Look around, see what’s in front of you, examine your household habits, then ask yourself— where else does that show up in my life?

I’ll bet you won’t be surprised by the answers, not really. I sure wasn’t. Humbled, certainly. Relieved, a bit, actually. Grateful to accept my reality so that I could begin to make changes in my world.

I was finally ready to hit the giant life restart button.

Chances are good you are too, but, well, change can be scary. However, everything good lies on the other side of fear.

Take a breath, fill up your soul with courage, then set your life on fire, right now.

Ready? Try this:

The Restart Sequence

  1. Acknowledge the past, all of it, the lessons, the blessings, the pain, all that has led you to right here in this moment.
  2. Release all that no longer serves you, and mean it. Record and then literally ignite it. Know that as each burden burns away in written form, so it does in you. It’s gone. Done. Over. Let it be not your fuel, but instead only a spark that lit your fire.
  3. Clean and polish. Go through your belongings and rid yourself of the incomplete and wanting. If it’s broken, doesn’t work, or is missing parts throw it out. If you don’t use it, give it away. If it’s unfinished, clear some space to resolve it or remove it from your list. Lighten your metaphorical and literal loads.
  4. Express your gratitude to the universe, thanking the Divine for all it has provided thus far. Return to the good. Sit in it. Meditate. Envision your life as you want it to be. See it, touch it, taste it, smell it, feel it. Create a mental imprint of your future, a marker for your soul to find.
  5. Declare who and what you want to manifest now. Announce it. Write it down. Own it. Be bold and unapologetic in your claim. It’s already yours.
  6. Take positive action right now. Make a mantra, chose a word, create an emblem or symbol that will remind you, again and again, and then again, of what you want.

Now, wait and watch while continuing to move forward in intention. What you want is coming. Be ready. Hands and heart open, always.

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Author: Michelle Sweezey

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Movie Still; Jenavieve/Flickr

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William Worth Dec 28, 2018 8:21pm

1) Fall in love with a naked nymphette at a rock quarry (as inimitably illustrated by elephant journal) and just roll with that and postpone steps 2-6 until later.

Shawn Feb 16, 2016 10:19pm

Blessings and Namaste!!! I was going to buy a 3000 dollar shed to put my stuff in. Now I shall donate my old memories tied to material items and take the 3000 and travel to create new memories

Shan Feb 16, 2016 11:11am

I love this and pretty much in the process of or am always working on all but number 5; has been my struggle for a long time, i don’t know what I want to manifest, or what my calling is…

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