March 17, 2015

6 Word Stories are a Powerful Inspiration to Write.

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I recently joined an online writing group.

I actually have no idea how I even came to be a member, but I’m really happy I did, as it is filled with heart roaring, shout out loud fellow souls.

Someone in the group suggested that we write six word stories, and the results kind of floored me. After several days of contemplating what my six word story would be, I came up with this:

He found my son hanging, dead.

Obviously, it nearly ripped out my heart to post those terrible words, but it was also strangely healing to put them out there in such a vulnerable, unsentimental way.

I asked the group if they would mind my sharing their six word stories with all of you, and they were perfectly generous in their willingness to do so. Following are some of the most outstanding, in no particular order.

Perhaps they will inspire you to write your own.

Crib for sale. Baby lost early. ~ Carrie Hura

Pansexual, agnostic, afraid of commitment perhaps? ~ Belle Bonobo

Your past does not define you. ~ Michelle Dreiss Hutchinson

I turned disability into a blessing. ~ Mariale Munoz

We woke up. Love was gone. ~ Varsh Victoria

I’m alone, but I’m not lonely. ~ Lee Ann Jones

He said, “I love you,” finally. ~ Brandi Smith

It rained the whole day after. ~ Emily Wheat

The end will come soon enough. ~ Kendall Myers

Hell should be easy, after you. ~ Rian Paige

Do what you’re good at; disappear. ~ Alley McKenzie

I only begin wars with myself. ~ Alley McKenzie

You were everything I ever wrote. ~ Whitney Cress

Invisible girl found in green dress. ~ Nicole Romero

The pain meant she was alive. ~ Stephanie Goodner

In non-judgement of myself, everything changed. ~ Mahima Gabriel

Depression made my soul turn black.~ Brianna Hausner

It was over before it began.~ Colleen Melissa Clair King

Don’t hold your breath. Just scream. ~ Anna Finn

Reluctantly sending you manipulative drunk texts. ~ LaTarius Turner

I promise tomorrow I will quit. ~ Starstuff Jones

Her brokenness formed a beautiful mosaic. ~ Jim Wern

Gypsy soul. Child traveler. Root seeker. ~ Kendra Webb Spruill

Ripped to shreds, emerges exquisite lace. ~ Tia Holmes

Taste my whiskey lips. Drink me.~ Stephanie Sloan

Raindrops remind me I am alive. ~ Holly Granger

Resume longing to be curriculum vitae. ~ Melanie Schmidt Imhoff

Prince Charming? Mine must be lost. ~ Danielle Dupry

Broken roads lead to beautiful places. ~ Yolanda Anita Curiel

Memory now departed, she is shadow. ~ Valerie Whelan

Her untold story roamed aimlessly within. ~ Noelle Chelli Lopez

Darling, you will never forget me. ~ Casey Wagner

I love you because you are. ~ Ivan Davilla

There’s always tension before the breakthrough. ~ Ashley Berry

She was it. Until she wasn’t. ~ Mike D. Duran

She spent years, lost in lies. ~ Rian Paige

Dear Diary, Got my period today. ~ Stormy Peterson

He couldn’t see her wild soul. ~ Whitney Cress

Life calls you to be you. ~ Ulli Stanway

Radiant, luminous, silky, soft, inviting, vast. ~ Cristina Lopez

To keep moving, that is grace. ~ Morgan Gemay Marks

I am a man of letters. ~ Joel Pelegrina

I was incendiary. You were kindling. ~ Gerri Ravyn Stanfield

A lifetime, I never knew you. ~ Desiree Holmes Sherini

I’m the blank canvas, bring paint. ~ Sharene Rodamaker

I want to be his “Adrain.” ~ Jessica Capote-Deshaw

His freedom left her in shackles. ~ Mette Tvermoes

My heart, irrevocably fastened to yours. ~ Bekah Hursh

To be connected, so far away. ~  Jessica Brig

Bullied kid. Holds guitar. Rock star. ~ Emily Hooper

…and I walked, lost in her… ~ Saankrit Mukherjea



*All stories used with permission by authors who shared via the Facebook group 30 Days of Writing: Write Yourself Alive! 




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