April 11, 2015

Open Letter To My Husband.

Kiss husband
19-years-old, 19!

You stepped into my life with a white shirt, leather jacket and amazing smile.

You saw me, vulnerable from a break up that I thought was important, at the time.

Do you remember what started our bonding?

Your love of Dancehall, you thought I looked like Jlo, and the fact that we both desperately wanted to be free. It didn’t take long for me to move in with you and experience, what I consider to be, my wildest days.

Though memories are hazy now, I fell in love with you listening to late night music and dreaming of what could be.

You broke my heart, you really did.

You had to leave for college and become a better man. I tried to desperately to dream of moving out West to be with you, but God had a different plan for us.

A baby, a life, the best of you and I was growing within me.

Scared, I was so scared. There is so much pain in those days that I have tried to put behind me. Suddenly one day, you showed up at my door.

“Let’s get married Baby, I love you, let’s fear the future no more.”

So we did, on a December day, you made me yours, and I promised to love you forever.

You became my love, I have held on to you ever since. I thought I loved you then, but I am sitting here typing this letter, as 32-year-old-woman, there is much more I want to say.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a stand up man, for taking the responsibility to be a father and husband, when most would run away. You have never let me down, you have always been by my side.

You are my most trustworthy best-friend. I have given you the best and worst of me and you never falter.

I look up to you, the way you tell our son you love him, you aren’t scared to show him love!

You set an incredible example of what a hard working, good, honest man is.

I fell in love with you even further once I saw you as a father.

10 years later, our baby girl was born.

I watched you melt into your own puddle! I’ve never seen you the way you are with her, and I want to thank you for making her feel so loved and protected by you.

You can’t know this now, but that is going to make all the difference in the world for her later on.

I want our love to be an example. It hasn’t been easy, there were trying times where I wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day.

I want people to know that two crazy dreamers, two idealistic lovers can make it, against all odds!

Sometimes, we have to just hold each other’s hands tight and not be afraid.

I want to close this letter with a snippit of our conversation last night.

I told you I wanted to die in your arms. You answered, “Don’t know why you’re always talking about death Baby, let’s live it for now, live it always, and live it forever.”

That is exactly what I intend to do.


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Author: Lilly Young

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr


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