April 8, 2015

To Dos: Top 6 Home Feng Shui Tips for April.

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Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth and new beginnings.

It’s perfect for enhancing what we already have and getting rid of that which no longer serves us. Use the energy in your home to help you kick start your life and keep you on track with all the goals you had for the New Year!

1. Make sure you inspect your home for needed repairs, on the inside and outside.

You don’t want your home to be dilapidated or in a constant state of repair. Stay on top of home repairs and maintenance to ensure that the chi/energy is high vibrating. Your home should always be your haven and not some DIY nightmare.

2. Deep cleaning the inside and outside of your home, as well as maintaining the landscaping will also ensure that the chi/energy is supportive to all the occupants and tenants living in the home.

Think about how good you feel when your home is clean. You feel more motivated to do things. On the converse, when your home is dirty, you’re more likely to find excuses. Take time to make your home reflect how you feel on the inside and out and also how you want your life to look. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it costs nothing to clean your home. A cleaner home also vibrates at a higher level, hence making your more motivated to achieve your goals with money, relationships and health.

3. Enhance your living space with beautiful, fresh cut flowers.

As an added bonus, if you’re single, dating or looking for a new lover, use the Peach Blossom Technique, so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Important things to remember about the Peach Blossom Technique is to make sure you use a square vase, fresh cut flowers, and only do this if you’re single, wanting to get married or wanting to meet an exciting new lover. Make sure the water stays clean and the flowers don’t die. You may have to replace them weekly. Also, don’t do this if you’re married or live in a home with a married couple that has your same peach blossom. Lastly, place the square vase in the exact degrees indicated in your bedroom or living room, based on the Chinese Animal year that you were born under. Do this technique for at least three months to see results. Find your Peach Blossom location here.

4. The obvious one is to de-clutter, stream line and start editing the stuff you have in your home that you’re not using.

A major rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it for a year, then you’re probably not going to use it and it’s best to donate it to someone who will. If  your home is cluttered with a bunch of stuff, it takes longer for your goals with money, relationships and health to come to fruition. For example, when you’re driving on the streets and you keep hitting red lights, it takes longer to get to your destination. You keep stopping and going, versus getting all green lights and getting there quickly. It’s the same thing with your home. If the energy has to keep stopping and redirecting because there’s so much stuff it has to get around, it will take longer for your goals to come to fruition. You don’t have to be a zen minimalist, but also you don’t want to be a pack rat.

5. If the start of the New Year hasn’t been as you expected and you would like to start seeing more improvements with money, relationships and health, then change the furniture arrangement.

Change the arrangement in major living spaces where you spend a lot of time. Change the direction of beds, furniture in the TV area, home office furniture, especially the desk, and any other areas where you spend a lot of time. Also, switching up the doors that you use to come and go from can make a huge difference. Use the charts here to find you Gua number, based on your birthday, to find your four good directions that support you for money, relationships and health. Use the chart here to find your best directions. The best direction to use is the money direction, but if you can’t use that direction because of the configuration of your floor plan, then go down the list until you find a direction that you can use.

6. Clear the old energy of your home from people, negative habits and anything else that no longer serves you.

Once you’ve done all of the above, use sage, to help clear out the old and usher in the new. Outline windows and doors with sage, and say a prayer or speak out loud what you would like to clear out and what you would like to bring in. It’s as simple as that!


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Author: Jennifer Bonetto

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Trevor Butcher/Flickr


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