February 9, 2016

The Beauty of Having Nothing to Lose.

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At some point of our lives, we’ve all said “I have nothing left to lose.” And maybe some of us still do catch ourselves saying this.

Losses come in different shapes and forms.

Some have lost their jobs, others their home.

Some have lost their families and friends and everything else they own.

Some have lost the one and only person they have ever loved.

And some have lost themselves.

When we lose what we love, it feels like we have lost an immense part of ourselves. While we look whole on the outside, on the inside, we are only an empty being who is shattered to pieces.

And so, we look around us, we behold the world and have this baffling feeling that we literally have nothing left to lose.

We think to ourselves, if I have lost this this job, what more could I lose?

If I have lost that one and only person who meant the world to me, what more could I lose, really?

And sometimes, sadly, we lose so many things altogether.

Traumas and ordeals have no schedule or a particular timing to knock on your door and deplete you of your emotional and physical possessions.

Yes. Sometimes, we lose everything all at once.

And so, we get this feeling of detachment from everything and everyone, because we simply have nothing to lose.

Although having nothing left to lose seems like a terrible expression that turns us into detached, careless beings, I think it can be quite opposite.

The truth is, having nothing to lose is the greatest, most magical thing that can ever happen to you.

Having nothing to lose is f*cking awesome.

Only when you have lost everything, will you have the courage to risk everything.

Because when we have everything, we become ruthless persons who live in constant fear of losing. We become so damn protective that we fear taking one wrong step could mess up everything we have built. We become vigilant and fearful. We guard everything and everyone we love, like a greedy man who guards his money at night.

When we have nothing left, we chill out.

We become fearless.

We have that hair cut we have always wanted to have. We ink that tattoo we thought would destroy our beauty. We go on that trip that might kill us. We’ll travel, we’ll dance, we’ll jump, we’ll go crazy.

Because who the f*ck cares?

We know that there is no wrong step that could be more wrong than what had already happened. All of the sudden every step becomes right.

Every single choice no longer becomes a thoughtful choice. It becomes an instinct that comes from the core of our being that couldn’t care less about the consequences.

And this is when we gain.

This is when the consequences turn just damn right.

We gain happiness, strength, power.

This is when magic happens because it is the very nature of life.

Our lives become auspicious when we let go of what we want and of who we are. Things start flowing abundantly when we lose the intention of having abundantly.

To be left with nothing might be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Emptiness and nothingness are exactly what transforms us into beings of light, because nothingness has the power to fill us with everything.

When we have nothing to lose, we become rich—rich with experiences, courage, and empowerment.

We will know the worth of losing and thus, be grateful. People who have lost learn to never take things for granted. They appreciate, enjoy the present moment, and fully live.

Never lose what you have gained from losing.

Never forget that beautiful feeling of carelessness that has eventually led you to taking risks you wouldn’t have took when you had everything.

Embrace loss for it has led you to finding.

And the one who finds shall never lose again.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Caitlin Oriel 

Image: Unsplash/Patryk Sobczak

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