Thank you for Not Choosing Me. {Poem}

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I imagined I would thank you for many things:
for your presence,
your love,
even your existence.
But never before had I thought
that I would thank you
for not choosing me.

Although it may sound sarcastic,
I am serious.
Maybe I should loathe you,
or forget you.
But the fact is,
I thank you.

Thank you for choosing
not to choose me.
Thank you for giving yourself
a chance to choose someone else.

Sometimes we only find the truth
through endings.
And the truth is:
I don’t want to be chosen…

I don’t want anyone to find me,
because I’m not lost.
I’m not seeking to be fixed,
because I’m not broken.
I don’t want someone to choose me,
because I’m not ready.

When you didn’t choose me,
I realized that I needed
to choose myself more.
Our end helped me commune
with myself,
and made me commit to the process.

Thank you for not choosing me,
because you have opened up
a sea of possibilities for me.
Thank you for wrecking our boat,
because you made me see
that I should never let go of
building my own.

Know that not choosing me
is the best thing
you ever did for me.

Because you didn’t choose me,
I am choosing myself—
every day.
And someday,
will choose me,
and they will thank you, too.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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About Elyane Youssef

Elyane S. Youssef is an extraterrestrial who was given birth by Earthlings. While living on planet Earth, she fell in love with art, books, nature, writing, photography, traveling, and...pizza. Elyane finds her joy in backpacking and bonding with locals. To see the faces she interacts with on her travels, you can follow Face of the World on Instagram or Facebook. Besides getting on and off planes, she is in a serious relationship with words and hopes to inspire as many people as possible through them. Once her mission is accomplished on Earth, she will return to her planet to rejoin her extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. In case you're wondering, yes, she is still willingly obsessed with Frida Kahlo. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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