April 7, 2017

Why 11:11 isn’t just Hippie-Magical-Unicorn Bullsh*t.

It started happening to me a couple years ago—I started seeing the number 11 everywhere.

Almost every hour, on the hour, I started seeing the number 11 on the clock.

Then the new license plate for my car had an 11 on it, and even my daughter’s locker at school this year ends with 11.

And of course, twice a day, the 11:11 appears in my view—no matter if I am on the computer, looking at my phone, or driving in my car.

At first, I thought this was weird. It even spooked me a little, because I am truly not a superstitious person, and the idea that a number on a clock could influence how I thought about my life never occurred to me. But still, there was 11 showing up everywhere.

So, I started to wonder: What does this mean? And through a little research, a theory formed.

Now, I need to state that I am not a numerologist or an expert in metaphysical matters, but the understanding of 11:11 that I have brings me peace and growth in my daily life.

What I think is that 11:11 is simply telling us to stop and notice. Specifically, to stop and notice the moment at hand.

This can be done by pausing, taking a slow, deep breath, and scanning our minds and bodies. This can be done by paying extra loving attention to what is going on—not what we think is going on, but through feeling what is actually going on.

To put it in even simpler terms, perhaps 11:11 is reminding us to be mindful of the moment.

Because mindfulness is really just experiencing what is going on in the here and now.

11:11 gives us the message that it is time to put some extra attention on noticing and even savoring the moment. To really let the moment into our skin, our being, our soul.

It is by going too fast through life that we are kept locked in the same old patterns. Our life momentum gets stuck on a type of autopilot that feels sticky and pointless.

It is when we stop and notice the world around us and deeply inhale it into our systems (what it feels like in our bodies and minds, without mental evaluation), that the ground beneath us shifts, and our old karma becomes unhinged.

This is what 11:11 offers us. The effortless reminder to stop and notice where we are, how we feel, and what is going on. The noticing is not analyzing—it is feeling. It’s letting it all be real for just a moment.

Because when the clock inevitably ticks, and 11:12 arrives, we will be back in our old patterns going through the motions of life. However, for one minute, we will have changed our consciousness—and one minute is all it takes.

What do you think 11:11 means? Let me know in the comment section.

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