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What you can do about Paris/Trump/our World going to Hell in a Handbasket.

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

Waylon sits down with climate change expert Phaedra Pezzullo:


Phaedra C. Pezzullo is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Culture in the Department of Communication in the College of Media, Communication, & Information at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA, and the author of Toxic Tourism: Rhetorics of Travel, Pollution, and Environmental Justice.

She has published widely in the environmental humanities, including: the late age of fossil fuels; the trope of the human; bodies; pollution beliefs; toxic and disaster tourism; environmental communication; cultural studies; public spheres and counterpublics; research methods, particularly fieldwork; theories and practices of resistance and transgression; praxis; pinkwashing; boycotts and buycotts; presence; everyday life; global climate justice treaties and movements; and environmental justice.


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