September 30, 2017

10 Empowering Gal Pal Adventures.

As a modern-day feminist, I firmly believe that every woman needs her gal pals.

Even if our tribe is limited to only one or two quality friends, it’s important we have strong social support in our lives. But it’s not just about b*tching about the work day, or commiserating over relationships, or crying on each other’s shoulders.

It’s about encouraging and empowering each other. And, it’s about having a hell of a good time!

So, here’s a list of essential adventures that we can make time to do with our gal pals. May it be of benefit.


If you’ve ever heard of “Galentine’s Day,” you already know that February 13th is specifically set aside for female friendships and for brunch. But, brunch can be done any time of the year, and there’s nothing quite like a delicious brunch and mimosas while spending time with friends.

A Day Trip.

Many of my friends live out of town or out of state. When we’re in this situation, we can always pick an alternate location and meet for a day trip. For local friends, we can decide how far we want to go and spend the day exploring a town we’ve never visited. We can take pictures and find a souvenir. Another way to make a day trip fun, is to take pictures of the destination and have friends on social media guess where you went.

A Road Trip.

Just like a day trip, a road trip can be excellent bonding time. Decide on the length of the trip and the must-see destinations along the way, then fill up the gas tank, and go. Just don’t over-structure the time. Be open for detours and delights along the way.


Or camping, whichever you prefer. We can have a gal pal adventure with tents, late night horror stories (insert most recent harrowing dating adventure here), s’mores, and more! Glamping can take the sting out of camping for city girls and still provide an outdoor, nature-filled adventure. A little forest bathing can go a long way!

A Spa Day.

This might be one of my favorites! There’s nothing like hanging out with one’s best gal pal while having massages, facials, pedicures, and general pampering.

A Meditation Retreat.

Another favorite, retreats often include nature, yoga, and solid meditation time. This is a great time to commune with oneself and bond with a buddy. Plus, most moms I know cherish quiet time and a break from the endless responsibilities and routines of daily life. A meditation retreat is a perfect gal pal getaway.

A “Yes” Night Out.

Disclaimer: do this only with a trusted friend. Go out with a friend and say “yes” to whatever the night presents. Suggest activities the other might not have tried, be it a new restaurant, or an activity we think the other person would enjoy if they tried.

A Fear-Facing Adventure.

This might sound intimidating, but as a friend, we should challenge and empower one another. Maybe our fearless adventure will be to go zip-lining or white water rafting. Maybe go to a haunted house, or visit a daring exhibit like Dialogue in the Dark (which simulates the experience of being blind) or the Bodies Exhibition (a preserved human body exhibit that demonstrates an overview of our anatomy and physiology). It doesn’t matter what fears we face or how big a step we take. This is a great experience to have with our closest friends.

A Service Project.

Time with friends doesn’t have to be spent in indulgence. It can be fun simply to participate in a service project that all the friends feel passionate about. Giving back can feel good.

A Fun Run or Marathon.

This may not sound like fun, and if running isn’t your thing, there are so many fun runs that offer a slight challenge without the demands of a half or full marathon. I started running 5K with the goal to get to a 10K and then half marathon, but one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve participated in was a mud run obstacle course.

Other fun runs out there include: Color runs, Krispy Kreme Challenge, NYC Pizza Run, hot chocolate 5K/15K, character-themed costume runs, zombie runs, rock ‘n roll series, bad prom runs, Reebok’s Spartan Race, the Tough Mudder and many more. We can train with our friends, and this is a great way to be active and healthy while having a fabulous time!

Spending time with our tribe should be meaningful and fun. We can celebrate these friendships and really make time for the people we value and love in our lives.

Sure, it takes time, and we may even need to put aside some money. But, friendships need that investment.

So here’s to a good start to good times with your gal pals!


Author: Crystal Jackson
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Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
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