Everyone bashing Doreen Virtue is Missing the Point.

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Doreen Virtue is known in the new age arena as “the angel lady.”

If you’ve ever seen angel cards or books about angel messages, she’s likely the creator behind it, backed by Hay House Publishing. Her brand is “angels” and her followers expect her to stick to her brand at all costs, which at present, is appearing to blow up in her face.

She’s made a living off of angelic mediumship, but she recently spoke out about her experiences with Jesus Christ and how she’s now been guided to funnel all funds from her products into charities she loves. Some of her fans feel betrayed by her connection with Jesus.

She said she made this decision because our questions should be sent directly to God, and not through things such as tarot or other types of oracles. She also acknowledged that, depending on how someone has used her products, they could be a direct link to God, but she doesn’t want people to get caught up in idolatry. Meaning, she doesn’t want people to focus on angel cards for messages and readings, but rather on God himself to deliver the messages.

She believes God’s messages will be delivered divinely and won’t require fortune telling or future-seeing to be interpreted by his/her/its trusting co-creator.

People have become outraged, saying she’s throwing her whole career out the window by becoming someone different than who they think she should be. She made a divinely-inspired decision and went with it—which is the root of her brand in the first place if you consider it objectively.

I just don’t get what the confusion is.

A woman who’d been considered a total quack by fundamentalist Christians—a woman who made everyone “like her” feel normal for their view of the world and spirituality, found Jesus Christ. Now she is considered a quack by the people who used to resonate with her.

There’re a few “good” Christians in my family, and my personal experience is that they’ve been the most judgmental of all. I’ve found them to be the greatest culprits of separation and superiority for their faith, and those two things have made it impossible to connect with them. Their spirituality is ostracizing, and they pray for everyone to “come on to their side” with Jesus out of fear that their loved ones will go to hell if they don’t.

Once my relatives posted an article about how Christians shouldn’t do yoga because people who do yoga worship the mat—not God. As a Christian, Buddhist practicing, Pagan, Jew-curious, Jungian oriented, philosopher yogi who knows—without a doubt—that oneness brings it all together, you can imagine how much this ruffled my feathers.

Please do not assume that what somebody practices is how they actually show up to do their work in the world. Someone can surely step on their mat and worship Jesus; but in yogic philosophy, we step on the mat to reach the altar of Christ-consciousness within ourselves.

Maybe we invoke Buddha, or maybe, we simply become still and know that we are God—which could mean, we become still enough to resonate with what is, that Jesus is given room to shine through in the lack of our resistance.

Imagine your God—whoever and however that may feel to you—looking down at Earth and only being able to see us in frequency equivalent to the amount of our faith. Faith in God itself. Based on faith alone, a majority of people on the planet right now would be brilliant white beaming lights whose hearts explode straight to God, and all of us who feel that way express it differently.

The women who wrote the yoga article wrote that yoga is idolatry because it idolizes the mat. Life is idolatry, period. And idolatry, can be lovely if we understand the idol is not what we’re after—the provider of the thing we idolize is. Watching someone dance a happy dance with a huge, unforgettable smile, what we loved about them was that we saw the mover inside of the shaker. Their happiness surpassed our resistance to their dance, so much so that we could really see them, the real them, who let themselves be free in their moves.

In essence, we could say we saw their soul.

Everything is sacred. In a human body, we can feel enough to guide us home to God in everything we do. It’s hard to understand that some people express their faith differently, and maybe it’s even hard to accept how they practice or how they don’t practice. But if all of us could suspend judgment and look down to Earth, only measuring vibrations of faith, we’d understand that all practices evoke the same source in us.

Doreen Virtue made a spiritually-directed choice and lives by it publicly, even though it’s confusing for people who knew her as “the angel lady.” Just because she’s friendly with Jesus, doesn’t mean she’s not “the angel lady”—she still works with them everyday. This is the point.

All of her angel fans jumped ship, saying she’s somehow betraying her work because she became Bible-oriented when it was likely her angels that guided her to her decision in the first place. See the irony in this?

We’re all in this together. We think our faith will help us be understood by people, so we separate ourselves into different faiths with pretty nonsensical practices. Separation of faith alone is a terrible form of idolatry if you look at it in the context of the Christian speaking out against yoga, because faith is not reserved for people, but for God.

Our faith isn’t about us or about what we do—it is us. To say someone who worships their mat and is going to hell is also to say that someone who drives a nice car is worshipping status and money so they should ride a bike to their night job as a surgeon and, if they don’t, they’re gluttonous.

The physical things we use to practice faith should never lead to idolatry in the sense that we misplace our source connection for a material one, but still connect us with the provider of the thing we “idolize.” But to judge and reject the practices of things we may not understand, or reject worldly pleasures under the presumption that idolatry is the focus, is a complete and utter lack of faith.

What Doreen was saying is that she made a decision based on divine intervention because she doesn’t want to feel responsible for the people who don’t use her products as a source to get directly to spirit, rather they use them in ways that actually disconnect us from the source-connection we’re really after.

I think it’s a mark of a true spiritual warrior to make as bold of a career decision as she did, but what we all know as spiritual warriors is when we lose our friends, fans, and money to live the life we know we’re meant to live, what we gain in return fills it all.

That thing is ourselves.

That thing is truth.

That thing is what fills the hollowness (faith) of an empty house (idolatry).


Author: Stacy Hoch
Image: Youtube still
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Travis May
Social Editor: Sara Karpanan

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Stacy Hoch

Stacy Lee Hoch, M.A., CLC is a psychotherapist, life coach empoweress in private practice who works with anxiety and codependent prone women all over the world to heal, love, and trust themselves. She’s a holistic mother of three, an earthbound misfit, lover by choice, fighter by necessity, and the author of every woman’s must read book, Imperfectly Sane, available on Amazon. Stay connected to Stacy Lee’s daily whatnots on Facebook or subscribe to her newsletter.

Marti Johnson Jul 7, 2018 10:52am

What Doreen Virtue does spiritually is her own business....between her and God. The issue here is that Ms. Virtue, while claiming to have had a "personal vision of Jesus Christ" and a "conversion to Christianity" has adopted a fear based, man made, fundamentalist viewpoint that sets her directly at odds with everyone who does not adhere to "her version" of Christianity. In just a little over a year since her conversion, she has tried to establish herself as a Christian author and an online biblical teacher of sorts. At the same time, she has one foot still immersed in her old "new age ways", conducting seminars by web cam and selling her card decks to unsuspecting people in foreign countries. This has been going on for quite some time now; and, each time Ms. Virtue is confronted with questions on the subject, she claims that she is under some kind of obligation to continue seminars and sales of books, card decks, and courses connected to New Age. So, in summary, what Ms. Virtue "says" is not what Ms. Virtue "does". I would encourage any spiritual seeker looking to follow her studies or books, to look deeper and investigate before falling prey to her current sales pitch. If you're interested in learning about the teachings of Jesus, I suggest dusting off the bible and reading His words in the new testament. What He taught is a far cry from what the modern day fundamentalist Christian community teaches. Study for yourself.

Angela Moeller Gilbert Jul 7, 2018 12:04am

Not only that, but she has ties to and has “written” a book with other fundamentalist Christians who believe yoga is a slippery slope and energy healing modalities (reiki, pranic, etc...) are slippery slopes to the Devil. All you have to do is watch a couple of her more recent videos and read her faq link or one of her new fundamentalist books to know what she’s all about. She even vaguely refers to herself about angel numbers leading people astray when she wrote the book herself! She took zero responsibility for it. Instead of honestly refunding people (whose certificates are now utterly useless) like a good Christian, she continues to profit from BOTH new age and Christian circles. If she truly felt strongly enough in her convictions, she’d pull all her old products off the market even if it meant paying back the remainder of whatever her contract was. And she’s full of sh*t when she says she has NO control over who her publisher sells her works to overseas. An author has an agent and lawyer to sign for royalties and rights. She has full control over what she sells, to whom, where, and when!

Angela Ray Jul 6, 2018 8:46pm

I agree. Total con! She’s aiming for a new market now. She has absolutely denounced her former teachings. I donated to that ‘rescue ranch’ and I was refused a refund when it became clear the animals were disposable!

Lisa Eddy Jul 6, 2018 7:32pm

It's a CONversion ;)

Lisa Eddy Jul 6, 2018 7:32pm

Yup. The evidence speaks for itself. I bless anybody on any spiritual path... but what DV is being 'bashed' for has nothing to do with spirituality.

Jan Littler Jul 6, 2018 6:59pm

I would like to agree with points made by Lisa Eddy and Rachey Taylor. I also think that this is a non conversion....just a moneymaking racket from DV

Tara Muscillo Jul 6, 2018 6:59pm

Marie Tomlinson I provided the link below and yes I believe the author is not aware of how far off the deep end Doreen Virtue has gone.

Tara Muscillo Jul 6, 2018 6:55pm

I see this article was posted on 9/1/17. You may not be aware how deeply entrenched she is in Fundamentalist Christianity. Please watch this interview and see how she bashes her former followers and outright lies about the rescue ranch. https://youtu.be/8kU_n30r9Q0. None of us cares what religion she follows as long as it doesn't include gaslighting of former students, refusing refunds to students and refusal to take any responsibilty for her statements. Oh and by the way, Hay House ( who fired her last December) is still pumping out cards and books with her name on it. They're all in cahoots. Please try to understand, it's not her choice of which spiritual practice to follow. It's her hypocritical behavior.

Marie Tomlinson Jul 6, 2018 6:48pm

Very good comment by Lisa Eddy.Doreen no longer works with angels,and judges people of other faiths.She said in a interview that she believes she was possessed by a divination demon,and now wishes she could burn all her books,while some may view this as 'spiritual progress',personally I view it as extremist and behaviour I'd expect from a dictator or someone in a cult.Theres alot more to this than you seem to have investigated so you're article seems to miss the point-maybe you should watch some of her videos,namely the interview with Steven,of Reasons for Jesus and do an update ☺

Rachey Taylor Jul 6, 2018 6:18pm

Also, she isn’t working with the angels every day anymore. She says we have to go directly to God because there are both good and bad angels.

Lisa Eddy Jul 6, 2018 6:02pm

Hi Stacy, At the point of you writing this article, many had already discovered that Doreen was becoming very judgmental, simply by paying attention to her own words - especially the words she used when addressing her new Christian audience. She played both sides of the fence for several months and not everybody bothered listening... but those of us who did quickly saw through what was going on. Now that we all know that she blames all her past New Age mediumship work on being demon possessed (sic!) perhaps you would like to revise your statements? There is also heavy criticism around how Doreen virtue has been treating students who signed up for her courses on the promise that a) all course fees would go toward securing the rescue animals in their 'forever home.' and b) they would be able to be listed in a practitioner register one a designated website upon becoming certified. As you may or may not know, at the time you wrote this article, the decision had already been made to abandon all the rescue animals. Doreen Virtue claims that all rescue animals were given to vegan friends. This process happened so quickly that some people who know just how difficult it is to rehome 300+ rescue animals decided to look into it... It was while trying to get to the bottom of this, Doreen Virtue was found out to have been illegally soliciting for her non-registered charity - a crime in the state of HI... Was that why she moved so quickly to WA? Many who had donated felt scammed after they found out and the matter has been reported to the Attorney General for Charities in HI. There is also evidence that at least some of the animals were in fact sold rather than given to vegan friends. In her latest book, 'The Joy of Jesus,' Doreen Virtue claims that they started the process of refunding everyone who donated to the rescue ranch at the time of the move in October 2017. We know this is a lie. I am personally in touch with many donors and to date none of them have been refunded. Neither have the many students that Doreen Virtue's moderators booted off course forums for asking questions around the time DV went public with her conversion... and neither have the students who have now had their practitioner's registers deleted without warning. When the Fairyologist students asked the moderators of the course forums about this a couple of months ago, they assured everyone that Doreen Virtue had promised the site would be back up. It is still down. I'm going to leave a link for where people can learn more http://thevirtues.org.uk Cheers, Lisa

Edie Davenport Jun 6, 2018 4:55am

1 Corinthians 7-10 KJV 7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. 8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; 9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; 10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: Prophecy and divination are spiritual gifts. But the churches say it's evil. ITS IN THEIR BIBLE!!!

Ella Bee Feb 1, 2018 7:02pm

Perhaps what she saw was an Archon, and not Jesus Christ himself. I too have had visions of Jesus and feel extremely connected to him and his time on earth. I do not believe Jesus would ever condemn anyone for Divinity in any form. I believe Jesus is simply one of many Ascended Masters who have walked this Earth. What many are failing to recognize is that we are all branches of the same tree. Everything is connected. Spiritual practices and belief systems before the time of Jesus hold just as much weight to my spiritual journey as Jesus himself. I wonder if Doreen Virtue has bothered to look into the Gnostic Gospels...which tell a very different story of Jesus and his disciples than what appears in the Bible. In my opinion, the Bible is largely a construct of man, to control and subdue the masses - with many missing and twisted pieces. In many ways, it is fear mongering. I was raised Roman-Catholic and denounce the Catholic Church, but still very much believe in the TRUE word of Jesus.

Cassandra Larsen Jan 27, 2018 9:29pm

A big part is what Catherine Colman said. She built an empire of books, cards, classes and certification courses. She was a role model and talked about how she found the Divine in the world, how she worked with angels, faeries, ascended masters etc to suss out messages. and now all of a sudden she wants her followers to burn her books and cards? she wants them all thrown away and for her followers to buy the NEW books and cards because anyone who still uses them is working with "The Devil"? It honestly looks like a ploy to make more money rather than an actual religious experience. (also now she seems to be against LGBT human rights)

Frankie Pelletier Jan 16, 2018 10:39pm

Because people bought her stuff now she is saying it was all wrong and she removed her stuff "new age" as she calls it off the market She is a born again christian who now says everyone who do not follow jesus is going to hell wow I am not christian I do not believe in hell and not everyone is christian and fyi jesus was not a christian either !

Cecilia Shepherdson-Tang Sep 3, 2017 4:41am

I totally agree with your comments Stacy. I feel that her (Doreen) time has come to concentrate on her soul purpose and that is to take up her cross and follow Jesus. Why can't people just let others be what they came here to do and go about their own path?