October 13, 2017

Humans are the Worst Addiction. {Poem} {Adult}


Driven by lust and curiosity,
Two friends dancing with destiny
Indulging in sexual despair.

He laid my body down like a f*cking canvas and started to paint.
First with his lips, then with his tongue
Using every bit of detail he could.

Slow and focused,
I was melting into everything around me.
At that point, I became not only a piece of art, a masterpiece,
I became the entire universe.

Two spiritual entities colliding into a paradox of lust and passion.
As I closed my eyes, the feelings intensified,
His kissing sent shivers down my spine.
Watching him intently design the aspects of his thoughts into a reality,
Moaning and breathing into each present moment with me,
He watered my flower and watched it bloom.

As the trance continued, the artist turned his paintbrush into a pen,
Writing the words that told my body what to do.
He knew what he was doing and how to make my body want more.
He practiced making himself so desirable, so talented.
He wanted to make the woman’s body his canvas,
His blank piece of paper,
And not only I but other women were honored to cum in the sense of his art.

Women are susceptible to chemical releases of oxytocin.
I found myself the highest I’ve ever been,
And I knew as soon as I started to feel his body, it would be hard to quit.

Nights later,
Surrounded by the moon and the starlit sky,
I stood in awe of the curvature of his back,
The lines of biceps,
The veins in hands—
I found myself yearning for the touch of his skin.

The night gets colder, but my body becomes warmer as he picks me up
And throws me against the car.
In his arms, I feel my pussy start to pulsate,
Dripping with dreams.
This couldn’t be poetic anymore,
Because this is…
This is how you fuck.

You let everything inside you take over, everything you’re feeling in that very moment,
All the emotions rush through your body, and you give it all to this other person.
You end up in some sense of a sexual hurricane,
Kissing my neck,
Holding on to to a roof rack of a car, pounding my pussy as even the moon moans in excitement.
This is how the wolves do it—
Raw, fearless, rough, and sexy.
He bent me over the front of his car,
Staring at the trees, the sky—everything—is rushing in front of me.
I devour his cock and swallow the taste of wild fucking magic.

In the darkness, there is always light.
In the light, there is always darkness.

He gave me love; he gave me trust.
He gave me empty feelings and lots of lust.

Humans are the worst addiction.




Author: Caroline Nickerson
Image: “Weed
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor:

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