October 20, 2017

It’s Time to Go Green AF.

Listen up, fellow humans, this won’t take long.
It’s not the green that you’re thinking, Carol, put down that bong.

This may come off harsh, it’s not meant to be mean.
But if we want to thrive, then it’s time to go green.

Earth was once worshiped for her guidance and grace.
Now extravagant churches have taken her place.

Our consumerism is rampant, we’re just one click away.
We’ve lost touch with connection, our commitments have strayed.

Since it can be overwhelming, here’s a truth we can trust:
The big guys in power really don’t give a f*ck.

Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and their cronies,
And if you want your world rocked, google Amazon, homie.

Monsanto employees won’t eat the food that they grow.
But it’s safe for your family, if the government says so?

Our ways can’t sustain us, our oceans are sick.
Mother Earth is resilient, but she’s got to be pissed.

The icebergs are melting, natural disasters the norm.
It’s humbling to realize we’ve helped build these storms.

Endangered species are rising; an epidemic well and alive.
Over-fishing and climate change are killin’ earth’s vibe.

Factory-farms are the meat source, chemicals cover our crops.
I’ll be really damn honest, this sh*t has to stop.

We’re all disconnected from the food on our plates.
We must vote with our forks and the choices we make.

If we want to make changes, we must admit we’ve been wrong.
And if I want a huge garden, guess what? F*ck my lawn.

Let’s open our minds, find solutions to stop this.
F*ck to-go cups and straws and those styrofoam boxes.

The bees are in crisis, an issue larger than honey.
When the last fish is gone, good luck eating your money.

We cut down our trees just to make a quick buck.
But when we rape our earth, we’re the ones who get f*cked.

The problem is growing, but solutions are within reach.
Do you really need a diesel truck, Carol? You live by the beach.

It can be overwhelming, so remember, start small.
If that sh*t’s made in China, keep browsing the mall.

Bring your own bags for groceries, flip Walmart the bird.
With these small, simple steps, we can shift our whole world.

Take your own cup to Starbucks, be a fix for this mess.
Plastic never goes away, just like your last ex.

Wash your clothes in cold water, turn your thermostat down.
Let’s all work together and turn this around.

Make your own cleaning supplies, they’re actually dope.
All you need is baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap.

Invest in high-quality clothing, borrow books from a friend.
Write a letter to Congress and make sure you hit send.

Buy a reusable bottle, take it wherever you go.
You’ll be saving the earth while you’re saving your dough.

Take shorter showers, even here you’ll save cash.
And keep all used electronics out of the trash.

Shop local when possible, walk your ass to the park.
Be the change that you want, be a light in the dark.

We have just one planet, we share the same home.
Let’s vow to protect her, make it written in stone.

We must stay in the loop if we want to stay green.
If you need more eco tips, sign up here, yo’, it’s free!

If we all do the small things, they soon will add up.
Let’s make it our mission to go green as f*ck.


“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.” ~ A lot of people, kinda.


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Author: Rachel Dehler
Image: Elephant Journal

Editor: Emily Bartran
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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