October 28, 2017

What “Connecting to Source” Really Means & 2 Books that will Propel you in the Right Direction.

It would be incredibly lame to begin this article with something like, “I have a good friend who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina…”

That is because the word “friend” means different things to different people. I would not be describing my relationship with him accurately with such an overused noun.

We met when I put my first band together right after college. He had just gotten off tour with the band he was playing with—a band that happened to be opening for The Ramones across the entire Eastern Seaboard.

He had (and still does) the longest dreadlocks in the world and was wearing black and white moon boots. He played a fretless bass that sounded like he was influenced partly by Motown and partly by Darryl from The Bad Brains.

The first time I saw him I made a commitment to myself to not only get him to play bass in my band, but to become my best friend. Within a year or two, we got so close and so musically intimate, that I could perform these totally theatrical versions of my songs—sometimes losing all sense of tempo to exaggerate the dramatic effect—and he would always know exactly how to come in with perfect precision. We essentially reached a point where we breathed in the same rhythm on stage.

Given this history, I am sure you can understand why calling him “my friend from North Carolina” seemed like an anemic description.

So when I sent him my article “5 Ways to Rewire your Brain for Happiness” I was interested in his feedback. Well, to be perfectly honest, I was interested in receiving some well-worded praise.

I mean, it was widely read by people I didn’t know, so of course, I thought a dear friend would love it. But instead, he kept insisting that it was not about “five ways to rewire our brains,” it was four. The part about “connecting to source” was not “actionable” and meant nothing to him. He took a step further and postulated that it most likely meant nothing to anyone. The more I tried to define the article to him, the more frustrated I became. I could feel the vein in my neck starting to pulse.

So let’s discuss the step of “connecting to source.”

The word “source” in this particular context refers to universal intelligence or—please stay with me here—God. Now I realize that is a loaded word for a lot of people. However, I do not believe that there is one person reading this that has not experienced either a twist of fate, a coincidence, or a moment of synchronicity at some point that can be explained without a reference to something bigger than the limited abilities of our five senses.

Many people are stuck with the unconscious notion that if they can not experience it with the limited senses we have, it can not be real. But anyone who understands the principle of the dog whistle, knows that this not true. If you can’t hear every frequency, you probably can not process every single thing that exists with just your five senses?

Connecting to source is when you move your vision and perception beyond your five senses and into where universal intelligence is. This is also what is meant by “manifesting” our desires.

Every time you hear a true story about a writer, a musician, or an actor who patiently and tenaciously followed their truth for years until they arrived at the place they had always envisioned, you are hearing a story about someone who was connected to source. There is really nothing esoteric or nebulous about this process. It is as actionable as prayer or meditation.

To put it as simply as I possibly can, people who live their lives controlled by their default circumstances are not connected to source. People who envision impossible changes in their circumstances and somehow make them come to fruition are connected to source.

Obviously, I can not supply an extensive list of directions in 1,000 words, but I can help you get started. If you have read this far into this article, I am going to assume that you have a better vision for yourself than what your current reality is demonstrating.

When you meditate on what your desired reality will feel like when it arrives, when you get yourself worked up into a lather of enthusiasm because you are certain it is on its way to you, when you come from a place of abundance and give like you have an endless supply of resources and when you avoid naysayers and Negative Nellies…you are connecting to source.

I will conclude by recommending two audiobooks that will propel you in the right direction. I recommend the audiobooks because these particular ones are not only inspirational, but so well produced it will have you jumping out of bed five minutes before your alarm to go and live the heck out of your life: Jen Sincero‘s You Are A Badass At Making Money and Wayne Dyer‘s The Power of Intention.

Invest in yourself and your dreams and snap into action! Yes, action. Get on the party bus of universal intelligence. Connect to source!


Author: Billy Manas
Image: @elephantjournal Instagram
Editor: Sara Kärpänen
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis

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