May 13, 2018

May 15th: Intense Make or Break Time with the Taurus New Moon.

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On May 15th, there will be a powerful new moon rising in the sign of Taurus.

The moon is exalted when in Taurus, meaning the moon and Taurus adore one another, and the sensual affinity they share means they resonate with each other deeply and harmoniously. This causes lunar energy to feel intense during this period, making us feel highly intuitive and ultra sensitive.

All zodiac signs will be affected by this highly charged energy, as the moon in Taurus’ constellation enhances the bull’s characteristics within us all. However, those born under the sign of Taurus will feel it more intensely than others.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign and represents the rational, responsible, financial, and material aspects of life. Those born under this sign are known to think about themselves and protect their own interests and stability before thinking about others, and this is where we are all going to learn huge and unforgettable lessons. 

In many ways, Taurus’ energy is self-seeking and self-gratifying, thereby, they are deeply concerned with self-interest, security, luxury, comfort, and ultimately survival. Taurus can also be innately selfish, and when these traits are at the extreme end of the scale, Taurus’ aren’t likely to pause and consider the effect their expressions, intentions, and actions may have on those around them.

This new moon will feel gentle, but it is also going to flip our lives upside down and shake them up a little—just for long enough so we recognise how we are communicating, and who and what we are prioritising. Reviewing our lives helps us find compromise and achieve balance, and as with everything moon-related, it may destabilise us for a few days, but is beneficial for our highest good and personal evolution.

The reason our lives will temporarily feel like a roller-coaster is that all too often, Taurus’ energy exists in a bubble where they place themselves high above others, which can be healthy in moderation, but when there’s little regard for the people surrounding them, relationships can break down and fail. Therefore, we will be forced to take a long, hard look at how we express ourselves and how often we ignore those who mean the most to us, particularly when they need it most. 

We don’t realise what we’ve lost until it has long gone, and we then have no choice but to face the realisation that we haven’t put enough effort into our relationships with friends and loved ones. Fortunately, this new moon is offering us a warning before we reach the “too little, too late” stage so we can make vital changes before bonds are severed and bridges burn to the ground.  

What will make this transformational stage more difficult is that Taurus is a bull, and therefore, as stubborn as they come. They are also renowned for sticking to routine—with no desire to budge. They don’t like to alter their ways or admit that aspects of their personalities cause themselves, and others, to suffer unnecessarily, so it requires a strong, determined mindset and a firm push to achieve much needed and long overdue change. 

The cosmic energy swirling in the air will have a major impact on our intimate relationships as we realise what we truly value, desire, and need to feel fulfilled. The most effective way of finding this out is by learning to embody the essence of unconditional love and acceptance, so we glow from within, rather than seeking external materialism, validation, and love.

Some of us may have had throat problems recently, as Taurus rules the throat chakra and this energy will cascade us back in time to reflect on our past so we learn from our (and others’) communication flaws and mistakes. The throat chakra is responsible for expression and relates to both speaking and listening, and we may realize that many of the obstacles we face today are due to not authentically communicating our deepest needs, and also that we, or others, have not been openly listening. 

This new moon in Taurus is the ideal time to clear any energetic blockages we have in the throat area, and we can do this by listening to our intuition and speaking our truths so we courageously and vulnerably voice how we feel—particularly through telling people what they mean to us. 

We are likely to find ourselves compelled to explain to people how we really feel about them, and how their presence or non-presence affects and influences our lives. We will be talking our truth with conviction, so be forewarned, our words won’t pour out coated in sugar.

It is important to be mindful when dealing with the throat chakra, as when it is out of balance, we may find our communication style is weak and misdirected, or the opposite, and we express ourselves far too aggressively for effective and respectful engagement. It is also likely that we won’t listen to our inner voice, or be empathetic or compassionate toward others when it is out of sync. This can cause all kinds of confusion and problems, and we may find ourselves misinterpreted or we might even passive-aggressively play mind games with silent treatment, or come across as bullying, controlling, or manipulative. 

This is why it is essential to ensure that before we speak, we think, and before we think, we take time out to balance our throat chakra. This can be done through breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, chanting mantras, humming, or even loudly belting out ballads to open and harmonise this chakra, so that blockages are cleared and our communication does not come across as offensive or patronising. 

When we converse directly but in a calm and rational way, we can strengthen or sever the relationships that energise or drain us, and move onward, assured that we have spoken our innermost truths, even if we have not been heard.

Some people may not want to hear what we have to say, and that’s okay as people will only resonate with what they are willing to accept. This doesn’t mean our thoughts and feelings aren’t valid, or that we are wrong for feeling and perceiving the way we do. But, not all paths meet at the same crossroads at the same time, so sometimes we have no other choice but to walk our own way, and this could mean walking alone. 

Certain relationships lift and inspire us, and feel energetically safe and loving, while others bring us down, are deflating, and leave us feeling unloved, unvalued, and unworthy. While it is important that we aren’t measuring our self-worth through other people’s opinions or actions, it is also vital to ensure we are not surrounded by people who take pleasure in watching our suffering or pain.

Overall, the moon in Taurus is an intensely emotional and transformational phase for us all—and a time when, collectively, we confront our shadow sides by effectively speaking from a place of love. It is also a phase during which we realise that when there is genuine and mutual care, we can work through any disagreement and conflict, no matter how tough things get.

It also offers the opportunity to heal our oldest and deepest emotional wounds through the eradication of misunderstandings and miscommunication, and this enables us to repair and seal bonds with those we are closest to, and also to kindly let go of those who cause dysfunction and pain. Although it can be traumatic, cutting contact with those who are harmful for us to be around is a tremendous act of self-love—and one of the most compassionate, loving, and caring things we can do for ourselves.

New moons represent the closing of one cycle and the beginning of a new one as well as hope, renewal, setting intentions, manifestation, and looking at things with fresh eyes. This makes them the optimum opportunity to clear out old ways that cause us to struggle and to start over with a clear head and a new focused direction.

The intentions we set during the moon’s darkest period are believed to have the greatest chance of coming to fruition, so becoming aware of the shadow traits that Taurus moon highlights helps us to eradicate them and learn vital lessons. New moons show us how to let go of old patterns of behaviour so there is space to create new and healthier loving experiences. This allows us to evolve and move closer toward our truest and purest selves, and simultaneously enhances and deepens our most valuable, meaningful, and authentic relationships.








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