June 14, 2018

“As above, so below”—finding your Inner Sun (Ancient Wisdom Explained).

Growing up in New York, I loved the change in seasons.

Moving to Southern California, I wondered if there would be seasons at all. Or would every day be a sun-drenched beach day?

Then I was introduced to May-Gray.

Sun lovers know that this period of May-Gray and June-Gloom is not ideal for mornings at the beach. The coast is blanketed in a marine layer of dull, gray fog.

It happens every year. Still, people—even those who’ve lived here for years—are surprised. “It’s so gray!” they wail. “When will the sun come out?” they moan.

It reminds me of my mind.

When a thick layer of dull gray moodiness sweeps in, it’s easy to forget that the “inner sun” is always shining. The radiance doesn’t go away—but I forget it’s there…behind the thoughts.

So, how can we connect with the radiance of that ever-shining consciousness within? That’s the question we explored in this nano-teaching video.

**Note: this is excerpted from a complete four-part program originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community.

Highlights from this teaching:

>> Finding where the sun center lives within your body.

>> Understanding the mandala of our lives.

>> How individual memories and thoughts fit into the greater (radiant) whole.

>> How meditation can help you return to your inner sun.

>> How to fill your whole body with radiant light.

>> “As above, so below”—what this means and how it applies to finding your inner sun.

>> How shifting your consciousness to the sun center brings you to the center of your individual universe.

Reflect and share: what connects you with your inner sun?

Please share in the comments below!



author: Eric Klein

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Eric Klein

Eric Klein is one of the few people on the planet to be both a bestselling leadership author and lineage holder in a 5,000 year old yoga tradition. His work translates the wisdom traditions into practices and principles for people who want to bring greater spirit, meaning, and authenticity to their work and lives. His award-winning books include You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For, Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Workand To Do or Not To Do: How Successful Leaders Make Better Decisions. His signature online program The Meditation Habit integrates neuroscience, behavior change technology, and spiritual practice. Learn more at his website.