June 25, 2018

The Most Transformational & Healing Full Moon of the Year.


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On June 27th (or 28th, depending on your location), the full moon will be in the sign of Capricorn, which is represented by the mountain goat that climbs upward at a steady pace and is the sign connected to manifesting, ambition, and goals.

This moon will be emanating a strong lunar energy that delivers abrupt change, which will be noticeable a few days before and a few days after it reaches its fullest illumination. All zodiac signs will be affected, but in particular those born with Capricorn in their chart.

The Capricorn moon falls at the halfway point of the year, and its vibration creates a huge energy shift that activates deep inner healing, brings closure, encourages transformation, and ultimately assists us with our personal evolution. 

This full moon is the culmination of any challenges we have been dealing with since the Capricorn new moon on January 16th. Therefore, the lessons that have been presented to us since the start of this year will be learned during this phase, as we come to a greater understanding of why certain people have played significant parts in our lives, and we piece prominent events together. When we make sense of all that has occurred during the past six months and all illusions dissipate, any associated karma will also be released. 

With the moon in Capricorn, we may notice we are more reserved and distant than normal, and we will likely want to spend time alone, which means we will also be more in control of our emotions and feel more focused, grounded, and centered.

It is rare to feel so calm and stable during a full moon, so it is imperative that we take advantage of this serene energy and use it to help repair and heal some of our innermost emotional wounds—and to transcend the blockages that have kept us trapped in the past. 

We can do this by slowing down the mind—either through meditation or gentle relaxation—traveling inward, and paying attention to whatever feels troubling or makes us feel uncomfortable or restless. We will know if there is something calling for our attention, as this is where our thoughts wander to and linger on when our noisy mind quiets down. 

When we are aware of where we hold tension, pain, or anger, we can lightly question the reasons for clinging to it. If the reasons are not apparent, we can gently trace our roaming thought patterns until we eventually reach the undesirable feelings—and then, hopefully, find the root cause.

When we do this, we often discover that although we may think the emotional discomfort or pain we experience daily is recent, it usually exists due to being triggered by past (mostly forgotten) events. When we travel back to our old memories, there is likely something underlying that mirrors the exact way we currently feel. This trapped pain creates resistance and causes blockages that prevent us from attracting what we want, and essentially makes it difficult to peacefully and harmoniously exist. 

The majority of our pain, frustration, anger, and resentment stems from some of our earliest memories, when we were not able to effectively rationalise or make sense of the way we—or those around us—were treated. When we move into adulthood, we gain the ability to discern and reason, which means that rather than taking other people’s actions and behavior personally and being severely impacted by it, we have the understanding that other people’s actions are their responsibility and have very little to do with us.

However, if, as adults, we have deeply hidden emotional injuries from our younger years that are still tender and raw, they will flare up whenever we are presented with an encounter that reminds us of previous unhealed emotional pain. 

Fortunately, Capricorn phases are the optimum time to carry out inner child work, as we are far less emotional during this time and much more likely to reach into our center without becoming emotionally overwhelmed—which not only blocks healing, but also inflames old pain. 

We are all carrying some form of baggage from our earlier years, whether we are aware of it or not, and when we release this heavy and stagnant emotional energy, we move on lighter, more free, and with far less chance of repeating the same toxic patterns or recreating similar types of dysfunctional relationships that do us far more harm than good. 

The Capricorn moon is the perfect time to cleanse and shed old energy, as we are about to move into the second part of the year and toward a transformational manifesting stage. This is the chance to release the tension we have carried with us from the past, as it is holds us back and makes it difficult to obtain and sustain a healthy, fulfilling, and internally rewarding highly vibrational life. 

We can do this by eliminating what no longer serves our highest good—and although we may have been conditioned to believe that it is our duty to hold tight to everyone and everything around us, not all is meant to stay with us on our path forever—especially when who or what surrounds us is detrimental to our emotional or mental health. Our souls are eternal, although not every encounter, commitment, or connection we have is supposed to be permanent—so we can let go with grace and watch as a vast space opens up to allow pure and authentic energetic beings and possibilities to enter.

To create an external life that matches our internal vibration, all we have to do is have the courage, strength, and awareness to recognise who and what is working for us, and who and what is working against us—and to make decisions that lead straight toward manifesting anything we’ve silently longed for.

Capricorn is a tough but determined energy force and is a master at manifesting, so flow with the energies and think big—regardless of how impossible it may seem to achieve your dreams. Start taking steps to make each one a reality, as even if we don’t fully accomplish all we’ve set out to, we’ll be amazed at how our life transforms the moment we quit procrastinating and disbelieving, and start having faith in our power to create a divine and rich life filled with purpose. 

This full moon is the start of a new mission—and one that when we reach the Capricorn new moon on January 6th, 2019, we will be astounded at what we’ve gained and achieved. When we are determined and focused, the universe supports us by providing signs, synchronicities, and opportunities to make magic happen. 

For our hopes, dreams, and goals to actualise, it is vital that we fully believe in ourselves and our magnificent capacity to create the exact life we want to—and will—create.

A quick guide to manifesting.

Thoughts and feelings vibrate outward and emit energy, which magnetise other energies that resonate on the same frequency. We are all transmitters of energy—and energetic resonance helps create our reality, so at all times be mindful of the signals emanating from your energy field. Clear your resistance and doubtful or fearful repetitive thinking to be sure you’re sending out a clear and concise message about what you want to attract or repel.

Ensure all thoughts and feelings are aligned—otherwise, confusing mixed messages are sent out that make it impossible to actualise what you want to receive.

Let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, as they are draining and they lower your vibration.

Write down a plan and be super clear about what you hope to achieve over the next six months—and beyond, if desired. Ensure it includes a step-by-step guide as it will help bring you closer to your goals.

Trust the process, your intuition, and inherent ability to safely guide your journey. The soul knows where it is going; the key is to silence the noisy, fearful mind.

Meditate daily and reaffirm your intentions with a positive mindset.

Work hard and put in maximum effort to reach your goals, so that whatever you wish to manifest has the greatest opportunity of coming to fruition.

Each time you receive a sign that the manifestation is working, send gratitude to the universe for cocreating and aligning energy so that the plans flow effortlessly and fluidly.

It is highly recommended to meditate as often as possible during a full moon and to carry out a manifestation ritual to kick-start plans into action. 

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will be more susceptible to the impact of this celestial event and may feel overwhelmed at times due to the influx of highly charged energy. To combat this, it is important to process emotions or old feelings that come up and discern whether the emotions are our own, or whether they belong to those around us. If we absorb other people’s emotional energy, we could find ourselves triggered, more irritable, fatigued, and moodier than usual. If this happens, remember to take time out to rebalance and ground.


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