September 2, 2018

I’d like to explain why some of the articles on Elephant are…bullshit. ~ Waylon Lewis

I’d like to explain why some of the articles on Elephant are…bullshit.

I’ve called ’em out, before, since they run counter to our mission: to be of benefit.

Magical thinking is not of benefit. It might be fine for Goop, but we’re better than that.

And yet, our mission includes all community—the notion of dialogue. So, as editor, I’m presented with a choice.

Welcome spiritual materialism along with the healthy quality we are honored to offer—and then welcome readers who are fans of said silliness with videos by myself and Elephant wisdom holders, and with an editor’s introduction up top the article gently calling it out. That’s my approach—we can’t ignore that millions of readers would rather read anti-vaxx or astrology, but we can welcome them (you, perhaps). And then, we can offer other points of view in those articles. After all, you’re safer with us than you are with sites just trying to make a buck off of duping you.

And so, we welcome all comers.

If I’ve offended you, welcome to Elephant. We’re not here for good vibes only. We’re here for genuine vibes, only. We’re here to learn, open, grow, heal, celebrate and listen. As am I, myself. So, thank you for being here with me, and more importantly our writers and readers.

This is your community.


Bonus update: A great example of agreeing to disagree, and welcoming dialogue instead of only “belonging” to communities we agree with 100% of the time (you know, cults): Why Magical Thinking is an Essential Part of Human Life.

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