December 20, 2018

Here’s why 2018 Kicked our Ass—According to Numerology.


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Numerology is the universal language of numbers.

By breaking down the patterns of the universe into numbers, we are able to uncover information about the world, as well as every individual.

I began studying this ancient practice in 2009 after a particularly rough year. From there, I began doing customized numerology readings for people.

They were always spot on and the feeling of offering other seekers an untapped part of themselves, which in turn helped change their lives for the better, has never left me.

This is why after another difficult year, I dove back into numerology searching for answers. 

Although others may use the term “stubborn,” I consider myself a strong, independent woman capable of transcending life’s curveballs and with the catlike ability to somehow land on my feet. Regardless, 2018 challenged the deepest parts of who I am and left me coming apart at the seams on more than one occasion. It was intense, to say the least.

And I wasn’t alone.

Almost everyone I talked to was knee-deep in some sort of life-altering transition, heartache, or situation that felt beyond their control. We all had many moving parts that hadn’t landed. Unpredictability begged to be trusted and heartache pleaded to be felt.

2018 was a master number 11 (2+0+1+8=11) according to numerology. A master (teacher) year is a double digit number with the same digits (11,22,33, etc.). It carries the energy for life-altering transformation. They’re also known for being some of the most challenging and unpredictable years. 

Eleven represents illumination, which gives insight into why 2018 seemed to highlight our biggest fears, deepest wounds, and most prominent shortcomings. It was as if all the trauma we thought we’d previously healed burst open without warning, illuminating more self-work. 

Luckily, in an 11 year, we experienced heightened sensitivity and intuition. If we were aware of this, we also came to realize these master number years offer up the most potential for personal and universal growth. Many of us experienced a massive shift in perspective in areas we previously felt stuck, simply by changing our outlook.

Eleven is the number of self, creativity, spiritual growth, intuition, and the subconscious. A number 11 year calls for us to dive deeper into personal reflection about what drives us and what we need to live an authentic, purposeful life. It tests our resilience by asking us to stop relying on external forces to dictate our present reality and reminds us we have the freedom to create the life we desire. 

Many of us found ourselves solo in one venture or another, searching for the confidence to conquer something we felt incapable of. This theme usually presented itself arm in arm with losing someone we love—the death or loss of a close relationship being at the top of the list. 

Because of this, we had to look uncertainty in eye, show up when we wanted to hide, and let go of our resistance to change. Life looked different, and we were left grieving at the loss of how we believed things should have been. 

We felt forced to step into healthy independence and find our voice and power among the most challenging people in our lives. The more we fought uncertainty, the more anxiety chased us. We craved clarity in chaos and the only way to find this was by turning within, trusting our feelings and intuition, and stepping outside our comfort zone. 

As if this wasn’t enough, 2018 came out swinging with the number 2 energy, 11 (1+1=2) which made this trip around the sun intense, to say the least. 

While these two numbers may seem paradoxical, and are actually opposing numbers in the science of numerology, their duality holds immense power when combined and understood. 

The number 2 relates to cooperation and balance in terms of partnerships, love, relationships, and how our emotions are tied to these forces. Old wounds reopened, romantic partnerships mirrored our deepest insecurities and scars, and the relationships that no longer served us fell away regardless of how tightly we fought to hold onto them. 

Because the number 2 relates to cooperation and balance within relationships, our unhealthy ties to people we love were most likely challenged. We experienced undeniable clarity in terms of what was working and what wasn’t. And with this clarity came a deeper understanding that some complicated pieces could not be put back together no matter how badly we craved its resolve. 

We were called to step into the uncomfortable chaos, unclench our fists, soften our gaze, and find new and healthy ways of coping with conflict. We practiced tough love. We took off our rose-colored glasses and saw situations for what they are instead of what we desired them to be.

Being our whole selves—messy, vulnerable, afraid, and present—became a theme we could no longer deny.

And if we chose to do this work and make this acknowledgement, we began to settle into the fragility of life and its inevitable, uncomfortable changes with a bit more grace for ourselves and others. 

Because 11 deals with the self and 2 deals with our relationship to others, 2018 was all about finding a balance between these opposing forces—the dynamic of giving and receiving being center stage. Those of us who struggle to receive and accept help were most likely in positions where we knew we couldn’t conquer something alone. And somehow people showed up, and expected nothing in return but to help us. On the other hand, those with a “me first” mentality likely had moments where loneliness, isolation, and regret took center stage. 

The year 2018 asked us to fine-tune our intuition and choose where to place our energy. In doing so, the people, places, and situations no longer serving us fell away while new tribes, opportunities, and soul-enriching experiences presented themselves. We were given the opportunity to embrace the inborn duality of the numbers 11 and 2 by taking the lead in the areas of our lives that were drenched in conflict or felt beyond our control. 

We experienced these energies on a global level as well.

Scandals were unearthed, stories of injustice produced righteous anger, fear accomplished nothing, and although division among nations and leaders was heightened, there was also a strong pull for the average human to speak up, find common ground, and practice patience. 

As this year comes to a close, many of us don’t recognize the person we were a year ago.

We are experiencing the duality of this seemingly paradoxical year within ourselves. And rightfully so. We are more guarded, but more compassionate for the suffering of others. We’re wiser, yet humbled. We are stronger, but softer—toward ourselves and others. We’re more open to change, but less likely to let negativity energy into our space. 

We were triggered, tested, and tempted all while being asked to remain patient and trust what was unfolding. 

We understood Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown on a soul level. 

We fell, hard. But we landed on our feet. 

We survived—a little stronger, a bit more resilient, and hopefully with a tad more compassion for those suffering around us. 


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