March 11, 2020

Finding Stillness in the Chaos & Peace in our Fear of Death.

Yesterday, I went to the gym and decided to go into a quiet room after cardio to do some yoga.

Shortly after I got set up, a bunch of women came in and started talking, laughing and working out together.

They were really loud and, admittedly, kind of annoying since I was craving some silent space. I felt my energy leaving my practice and tracking them for a minute, but then I remembered to return to my breath, to my movements.

There is incredible power in returning to center—in staying calm in the center of the storm, remaining connected to silence in the fire or stillness through the chaos.

It is where our essential nature lives and, in fact, the essence of our true power, which is love.

We cannot act out of wisdom if we are reacting to what’s around us rather than responding from our true north and remaining in integrity with our hearts.

It’s also a practice. Progress, not perfection, as they say.

These times are filled with a lot of chaos. The elections. The virus. The panic. The anxiety. The shifting tides of the energies of planets of power (Jupiter and Saturn) facing off, illuminating the old and the new at exactly the same time.

We may be riding high and feeling great. We may be feeling the tides of fear around us because we are tracking it. We are all dealing with our own personal lives in the midst of all of this, too.

It is a practice to return to center. To find stillness in the chaos. Not a place we “should” have landed by now.

Awakening is a journey, not an arrival point.

We need to remember to navigate our fear with discernment and reflective awareness:

>> Is there something to be afraid of?
>> What can we do to prepare and take care of ourselves?
>> What do we need?
>> What do we have control over?
>> How can we lean into our spiritual practices to return to center, to a place of refuge where we can put our faith, trust, and prayers?

Tend to the edges of real fears (there are some), tend to the internal triggers, smooth the edges of our ruffled feathers and live.

We have to live our lives—really live them.

We will all die at some point. I don’t mean to be morbid, but it’s true. These kinds of global pandemics and the media frenzy surrounding them feed on our fear of death. They raise the fear frequency of the environment around us and trigger our nervous systems into hiding, which is the opposite of living.

I think one of the most profound things we can do, outside of educating ourselves, taking care of our bodies and nervous systems, being kind to each other, and returning to center is looking at our fear of death.

The fear of really, truly living holds hands with the fear of death, which can oppress us, just like the media frenzy is doing right now.

What is it about death that we are afraid of?

>> What is it you really want to do?
>> How do you really want to live your life?
>> What is it you would regret doing before you died?
>> What is it that is eating at you, aching to be created and birthed from your being?
>> What have you been longing to break out of and do with your wild, precious heart?
>> What really matters?

Take care of yourself. Be prepared, but discern what that means for you and what you really need. Then, really live this wild, precious life and give of your heart.

Life is longing for it.





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