March 9, 2020

The Coronavirus & its Impact on our Emotional Immune System.

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These are the moments we were built for.

As we start hearing more and more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), what’s happening with it, and what could happen with it, there is a call to fear.

The scary what-ifs are a short tumble away from all our panic.

The fear is an invitation to what I call the Red Zone, where fear reigns and survival instincts set in: fight, flight, or freeze. The animal part of our brain takes over and becomes convinced that we really should be in a panic.

Fear tanks our emotional immune system. In the Red Zone, we scan for threats (and find them), and the part of our brain we most need loses its power.

On the other hand, coming from a spiritual perspective, any fear is a call for love. It’s a choice; we can tumble into fear or remain steadfast in our commitment to the energy of love.

Confidence, faith, resilience, compassion, trust, creativity, wisdom, peace—these are all grounded in the energy of love, which I call the Green Zone. And love energy is the energy we want to cultivate to help us navigate whatever comes our way. Love is what drives our emotional immune system.

If we feel called to prepare, then we should prepare. We can do so physically, spiritually, and mentally and stand in and for the power of trust, peace, and love.

To me, this means staying aware of the news, but not getting caught up in the scary stories, the what-if’s, the worry, and the freaking out.

To me, it means extra TLC, like soul-nourishing books to keep my inner reservoir full and bathe myself in the light.

To me, it means remembering that we can handle anything that comes our way, and trusting that anything and everything that happens is for the evolution of our soul. Everything that happens brings a chance for us to know ourselves at a deeper level and to demonstrate the power of love.

Who will we be in the face of fear?

Sitting, stewing, dramatizing—none of these will help. All they do is create misery in our lives today, lowering our vibration and contributing to the fear around us.

But remember, these are the moments we were built for.

Inner peace is a practice. And peace is who we came here to be. It’s not about thinking, “I can be peaceful as long as I don’t get scared,” or, “I can be peaceful as long as someone I love doesn’t get sick.”

We’re not here to bargain to get our peace.

We’re here to claim it no matter what.

Say it with me: “I am peace. I carry my peace within me.”

We have the opportunity to send our peace muscle to the gym right now. And it’s going to need to do some heavy lifting.

This is the time we have been readying ourselves for.

To those who are committed to peace and love: it’s game time. Are you in?

Hold your ground.

Be the light you came here to be.

Explore what that means to you, and how to keep your inner fire strong. Find the people who feel the same and stand together. Find the people who need your love and support and assistance and help them.

I am beaming you love for your heart, and wisdom to wake up your soul and remind you—”You’ve got this.”




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