March 28, 2020

Learning to Love the Gorgeous F*cking Goddess Within Us.

I used to pray to Goddesses so I could connect with my own inner goddess, but she has been there within me all along.

I was just too terrified to allow her to surface and take over my life. I did not allow her to lead me.

But now, more than ever, the dark and mysterious goddess in me is taking her lead and demanding I set her free.

She is all I ever wanted. She is a beginning without an end. She is sensuous and sexual—not in average ways.

She still surprises me with her ways of expressing herself.

She eats pleasure like a forbidden apple and finds joy in sexual foreplay. She teases me in ways I’m afraid to admit—she knows the way I want to give myself pleasure or to be f*cked by a lover. She is there showing me the way.

This woman in me, this goddess, is a shapeshifter. She is free. She does not care about the status quo. She does not care about how others perceive her. She is not bothered by society’s standards. She makes her own, knowing well who she is.

She is pure pleasure. She craves complete freedom in a state of let-go. She is sensual. She is sexy. She is sensuous.

She likes to squeeze the life out of each moment. She is innocent in her wild nature. She is savage and soft.

She is dark. Mysterious. She breaks the rules and makes new ones of her own.

She is wise and sexy. Strong and vulnerable.

She is the essence within me that is slowly taking the driver’s seat. She invites me to navigate life differently by allowing myself to be as free and aware as I can be. She invites me to fulfill my potential in all ways and forms in this life.

She was born to be free, to speak of inner freedom as a way of the spirit, to fulfill her destiny is this journey called life.

I love her. I’m learning to let her lead me into unknown and uncharted waters because I trust her.

She knows what kinds of hands can hold her and what kind of eyes deserve her.

She knows how to choose who will be a part of her life in her expansion and unfolding.

She is wise enough to know that she must peel back the layers that hold her back. She knows she will let go of many people, and few people will let go of her.

She knows that by being herself in all her colors, she will find true love and the deepest ways of having sex with a lover(s). 

The more she comes to the surface, from the depths of my inner ocean, the more confident I become.

I trust her.

And I love her.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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