April 25, 2020

The One who is So Wrong yet So Right—the One we Can’t Resist.


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They tell us forever is the goal—marriage, babies, and loving the same human for life.

We measure relationships against that standard because somewhere along the way, that became the norm. Anything less than that started to feel like a failure.

Dating has become less about feeling and more about achieving. We are so focused on the end that we miss the middle. I was wrapped up in it too. I was dating men that fit the description of what I thought I wanted. All the while, believing no one can have it all.

Then I met him. It was a love I resisted at first. On paper, we didn’t match. The lens into the future was foggy at best. But, maybe the best romances are the ones we can’t push away—the ones we can’t ignore because the pull outweighs the resistance.

And your heart knows the risk is worth it.

I’ve always been in such a rush to the finish line with forever as the goal. But with him, I find myself wanting time to stand still—every kiss, touch, and embrace gives me everything I need.

I’m over being the what’s next girl. I feel too much, and deserve too much to miss a single moment pining for the future—I could be loving him now.

Sure, it’s natural when we are in love this deep to want marriage, babies, and a promise of more bliss.

I often wonder if God placed him in my world to love me so profoundly that I hang on forever, or if he’s here to rock my soul. To teach me never to accept any less than a love that makes me feel this wildly alive.

Either way, he will be a vital part of my story. He’s the one that woke me up to my worth. Letting me express my emotions and gently loving me through each one. He continuously teaches me to receive and give love in its purest, most vulnerable form.

I’m at home in my body, soul, and spirit in a way I used to dream about. And that’s because of his love. So, however long I’m given a chance to hold his gentle heart and feel safe in his strong arms, I’m here for it. And I’ll say that’s enough.

But it’s more than enough. It’s bliss.

After all, some lovers only need a season to teach us what others couldn’t in a lifetime. And a traditional love story is boring anyway.

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