May 28, 2020

Ask Yourself these 22 Questions—Live Empowered & Purposeful Lives.

When was the last time we checked in deeply and took the time to listen attentively to our consciousness, body, and soul?

As the world is going through this pandemic, we need to ask ourselves some intelligent questions. When was the last time we reached within to understand our thoughts, feelings, and desires?

We can all get stuck moving through life without asking meaningful questions about what we are doing or how we are feeling right now. However, living on this level often leaves us feeling anxious, stressed, maybe fearful, sometimes overwhelmed, and out of touch with who we truly are.

Just a small, daily check-in with ourselves can do wonders for our well-being, mental health, self-esteem, and self-growth.

If you are embarking on the adventure of self-discovery and want to tune into your consciousness (body, mind, and soul), here are 22 phenomenal questions that will help enormously.

These questions are meant to help us evaluate our life with a deeper and more meaningful vision. They can offer insights into where we are heading and where we need to invest our time and energy.

To use these questions to their full capacity, write down the answers in a spiritual journal, or walk through them with a best friend (or even with yourself).

Sit comfortably. Relax your body from your toes up to your head. Make sure you expel any tension. Take a few deep breaths. 

Calm your mind, and then ask yourself:

1. What three words describe how I feel right now?

2. What do I consider to be the biggest problem in my life right now?

3. Which aspects are going well in my life right now?

4. If I could transform anything about my life, what would it be?

5. What bothers me or worries me about my life right now?

6. What is one aspect I can do to make my life for today better?

7. What elements do I love about myself?

8. Where lies the most crucial focus in my life right now?

9. What life lessons have I truly learned these past couple of months?

10. What is draining my inner energy the most right now? Is there anything I can do to solve this?

11. What makes me excited about life? Which is the best way I can incorporate more of this energy into my daily routine?

12. What do I need to heal in my body right now? Which are the steps I can take to make this happen?

13. What is the action that I have always wanted to test or to do?

14. If I could express myself or speak up my mind, what would I say and to whom?

15. When was for me the last time I felt truly in love with my life?

16. Who are those who matter the most to me, and how can I show them my appreciation?

17. What are the aspects that I feel sincere gratitude for right now?

18. What is one beneficial action I can do for myself right now?

19. What is the biggest fear I feel right now?

20. What advice would I give to my younger, less experienced self? Can I follow my own advice right now?

21. What would trigger in me a real state of happiness right now?

22. What is the most loving action I can do for myself at this moment?

Answering these meaningful yet simple questions will help us tune in to our source of wisdom, tune in to our soul, and direct the path our life follows so that we feel empowered and purposeful.

It’s vital to become aware of what’s working (and what’s not) in our lives so that we can implement transformations.

After answering all these questions, we can repeat the process of self-awareness in a couple of weeks (or sooner). 

I wish you a happy, harmonious holistic life!

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