May 16, 2020

Gemini New Moon: Free your Mind & the Rest will Follow. (May 22)


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed.

In a world that seems to be falling apart, amidst all the uncertainty and fear of what the future may hold, there is a guiding force that can help us all stay sane and calm during turbulent and changing times.

That is, our ability to tame our mind, keep our hearts open, and believe in the possibility of a brighter and better future.

To create anything, we must first imagine it and believe in it. Beyond fear, and what we think is real and true, we can shift our perspective and learn to live in more loving and harmonious ways. 

Yet, we must all learn to get along and make peace with our differences, and foster radical acceptance within. Gemini is the sign of the mind, and understanding the energy of Gemini helps us understand ourselves on deeper levels. Because everyone and everything is a reflection of what’s within us. There is no separation, we are all deeply connected in some form and fashion and we impact each other.

So, any reactions, agitation, blame, shame, anger, or otherwise are pieces of us. Our reactions to other people show us who we are and can help us overcome our burdens as well as mental and emotional blocks, if we allow them. Yet, we must have the self-awareness and understanding that the other person is us. 

This new moon marks a transition, and our opportunity to level-up our human psyche and empower ourselves with new beliefs and perspectives. We can live more free and lovingly, but only as much as we are able to shift our minds, form better beliefs, and live less as victims and more as loving human beings.

We can take the ego “I” out, and learn to live with more unity and balance—to empower the “we.” That requires shifting our mind and adopting better values. Unless we start to make changes within to live better, the outer world may never reflect the amazing world that we can create.

Our unconscious thoughts and the conditioning we’ve been taught to believe, along with our environment, will continue to feed us what’s real and what’s true about reality and ourselves.

It’s up to us to shift our ways to birth these positive changes. Yet, we must become the change to live in more enlightened ways. By that, I mean confronting our own shadows, witnessing our patterns, and understanding how we self-sabotage and hold attachment to how we and life needs to be.

The government will never provide the security or safety that we can all learn to harness in ourselves. It is up to us to create a more harmonious, brighter, and better future. 

Until we realize our own potential, wake up to who we are—beyond the faculties of the mind—we may continue to feel and be trapped. The division of the old paradigm and the new paradigm trying to create itself will leave people separated, isolated, lonely, and more. It’s no coincidence that mental health crises are rising in these uncertain COVID-19 times.

Gemini is the archetype that teaches us that change is not so scary, and that the mirror of ourselves and how we think and feel ultimately creates our security and inner foundation. Everything begins with the mind, and our own ability to create the kind of love and life we really desire. How we view others is also a reflection of ourselves.

The world is full of duality and polarity and we all hold battles within and outside of us. It is our human psyche and our nation’s history that has shaped us all. Until we can practice mindful habits, connect to what’s real inside of us, and overcome the attachments that our mind continues to hold, we may continue to be stuck.

During this season, it’s a time of letting go and inner reflection. Spring can birth new seeds, yet we must set the intention and energy in motion to create it. We must also deal with the demons in ourselves, the thoughts in our mind, and the addicted way we think life and others need to be. Release control, and think better to love more.

The best wisdom that astrology can teach us, is that we are all unique. Our perception and reality is shaped by our own mind, and how we individually are born to operate, and how we can evolve. When we abandon ourselves or think a person, a partner, or a government, will support us, love us, and create a happy life—we greatly deceive ourselves and fail to believe in our capabilities.

We must become the love we need and want. From that place, with our ability to connect to ourselves, free our mind of limitations, and free the need to control others—we can cultivate mindfulness. 

We can even begin to love one another, share, and support people. And know that the future is, in fact, created in the now. Our ability to be present and enjoy it, to love it, and hate it, and foster gratitude while riding the highs and lows, is the only way we can get through.

Nothing changes until we dare to change our minds, foster new beliefs, are willing to have a new perception, as we change ourselves.

We can all do what’s right in these times of change, love it all, accept it, and know that we are all in this together. The world will rebuild itself, and change will continue to happen, and we can be flexible in our minds, more open in our hearts, and more connected to ourselves, and to one another.

Hopefully as we come out of the post COVID-19 world, we will all value each other and life more, and realize what really matters. Beyond money and our own need to achieve for ourselves and get our desires, perhaps we can learn to live more simple, more connected, more sustainably, and more intelligently—by fostering a more empowered mindset and becoming the daring individuals who can be the change the world needs, and wishes to see.

Be brave, and be willing to shift yourself, alter your perception, and live with a kindhearted and open mind.

All good things end. The new beginning can only be created when we let go of our old ways and, together, recreate a better reality by believing it’s possible.

This new moon brings magical opportunities and abundance to those who have created those inner resources to live in higher ways and adopt a more loving and universal mindset. One that can support others and the world so we can get along and love better.

Yet, we all must learn to overcome the fear and begin to dream the impossible and believe in ourselves, in order to fully live well and create a life we love.

Are you willing to evolve and expand your own mind to believe that life can be lived well?


~ Editor’s note: title inspired by En Vogue

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Read 4 comments and reply

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