May 19, 2020

5 Ways to Stay Grounded AF (even when Life is Complete Chaos).


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Elephant’s Continually-updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon

COVID-19 is changing the world in ways we could never have imagined, and it’s happening before our eyes.

Many lives will be affected, not through war or external conflict, but from an invisible enemy that knows no boundaries, race, or gender.

Spirituality is more important than ever as we face this new stage of life together. Although we are experiencing this as a collective, we have our individual agency to navigate it in our way.

Here are my top tips for maintaining our sanity and spirituality during uncertain times:

1. Journal daily.

Journaling helps us dump out all the junk whirling around in our minds. During the pandemic, we may be experiencing more anxiety than usual. We are worried about our friends and family, how long this will go on for, and how to stay safe. The best way to rid ourselves of these overwhelming thoughts is to clear some space by writing them down.

Our thoughts create our life, our world, our success, and our ability to achieve highly. It is a good idea to clear them out daily and take notice of each one of them.

2. Lean into intentions and goals daily.

What do we want to achieve? What do we want to manifest? Wonder about these things. Lockdown is a great time to take action and realize our goals as we now have the time and space to do this.

3. Reframe resistances.

The main interruption around spiritual awareness and intuitive guidance is our own self-doubt. The trick is to reframe these thoughts into significant questions. Here’s an example: “No one will buy from me during the pandemic,” reframes to “How can I attract people to buy from me during the pandemic?”

Reframing our thoughts gives us an action point to work on.

4. Sit in our stillness and listen to our intuitive guidance.

We have to listen to our intuition and learn to trust our inner guidance system. Having a connection to that wisdom means we are supported wherever we go, whoever we are with. Feeling supported brings inner strength and a feeling of being centered and present in the body.

We know everything we will ever need to know about our own lives and what is best for us. When we allow our intuitive gifts to expand, there is no need to ask others for insight or advice. We will know the way. We will feel entirely supported in our lives.

5. Become the best version of ourselves.

As Gandhi said, “Become the change you want to see in the world,” and live fully! Let’s spread our best energy outward. Now is an excellent time for some self-reflection and change. Becoming the best version of ourselves will free our spirit. We will be happier, physically healthier, and more vibrant. It will flood creative insights into our lives every day.

The space filled with mind chatter will empty, and room for new ideas will be created. Being the best version of ourselves will bring us to a place of joy and gratitude. This is how we can be in complete alignment with who we are.

Remember that we are all facing this together. While we are individual components in this great, big world, collectively, we are all living through this pandemic. What happens to others happens to me. It is time to realize we are a global community, and we are only ever as strong as the weakest among us.

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