June 17, 2020

Don’t put your Beliefs in a Box: Here’s How to be Spiritual & Religious (& find a Deeper Connection).

There’s beauty in believing in a higher power. 

Beliefs in energy and surround ideologies lift us up in mind and body, but also faith. Frequently we’re asked to put our beliefs into a box: “Are you spiritual or religious?” 

What if the answer is both?

Having both spiritual and religious practices is an art, and they are quite similar. They are both meant to ground us to the world we live in. While traditional religion helps guide us with a sense of purpose and origin, spirituality allows us to connect deep within ourselves and follow our intuitive guidance.

There are endless benefits in combining a connection to spirituality and religion into our everyday lives. They help frame our outlook on life. 

Below are ways to embrace both higher energies into our daily lives:

1. Fundamentals of being spiritual and religious

While we’re trying to find the commonality between both spiritual and religious thoughts, it helps to break down each of these entities and then marry them.

Spirituality is a broad concept that seems personalized to the believer. I like to think of spirituality as a set of morals to live by. Ideally, this standard we agree to hold care for ourselves and others equally. Some pillars I believe in include gratitude, humility, intention, and forgiveness. 

The true fundamentals of religious values are extremely complex and one that scholars have spent decades researching. For me, religion is faith in conviction—a belief that we’re put here on earth to fulfill a specific purpose. Though we are imperfect, Jesus died for our sins, and our only responsibility as believers is to love one another. 

2. Identifying your point of view

With these rather heavy subjects, it seems almost daunting to press the start button on a journey to intertwining both spirituality and religion. In truth, it may be way easier than you think. It’s all about having the right mindset and tools available to get started on your journey.

>> Read: Between the internet and books, there are countless outlets to digest both overarching principles and personal beliefs about spiritual and religious practices. By reading about others’ opinions, you’re better suited to draw your own conclusion on the subject matter (and with support). While going through my own journey, I refer back to the original texts: the Bible and A Course in Miracles. I personally prefer to draw my own conclusions and seek parallels from these credible sources. 

>> Start a dialogue: Reach out to friends and family members and begin to discuss your ideologies. You may find yourself agreeing or even debating with those closest to you. This will allow you to better refine your personal beliefs.

>> Research your community: Whether through local churches or online communities, seeking those like-minded to you can have an outstanding effect on your journey. Remember to do your research and look around. It’s important to find a community that both supports and challenges you for growth. 

3. Incorporating practices into a daily routine

Once you’ve established your sets of beliefs, it’s time to embed them into your everyday life. Is it possible for a new practice to transition so seamlessly, just like brushing your teeth? Yes! Everyone is different and will choose to share their space with energies and God in their own ways. Below are a few ways I find myself infusing my beliefs and faith in my everyday life. 

>> Meditate: There are moments that come from the mind being still that create more enlightenment than ever before. The chance to truly connect with yourself, a higher power, and surrounding energies for a brief moment of time is life-changing. Regardless of time availability, try to incorporate a few minutes of meditation each day.

>> Journal: Expressing your thoughts down on paper, especially when the words are hard to get out, can prove to be revolutionary. As your pen jots down the thoughts and questions you may be coming up against, it’s amazing to see what the subconscious already knows. 

>> Get out in nature: Looking at an incredible mountain landscape can really shift your perspective. The natural beauties that surround us help to create and shape you. Thoughts of faith and connection can truly be magnetized when out in nature. 

There are endless benefits that come from having a strengthened relationship with a higher power and self. We feel it vibrationally in our soul, body, and spirit. Elements of deep connection, like meditation, can have huge healing properties, starting from the inside out. Being both a spiritual and religious individual is a journey. Once you’ve learned to define, sculpt, embrace, and practice, you’ll find yourself more connected and thankful than ever.

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