June 4, 2020

The Health Benefits (& Addiction) of Masturbation.

Recently, I took three days off.

No masturbating. Of any kind. I entered into a temporary sainthood. I didn’t read sex stories, or create fantasies in my head, and I certainly didn’t touch myself.

In honesty, my partner suggested it. My sex drive was spiraling out of control. I have no idea why this pandemic has increased my desire to have sex. But, it has.

And let’s get real, it’s not particularly practical. Having sex once a day is challenging when you’re sharing a house with your mother and daughter, never mind, three or four times a day.

However, masturbating is easier.

It can be done in a matter of minutes, extremely quietly, and pretty much in any room of the house. And the benefits don’t stop there.

Planned Parenthood say masturbation can:

>> Release sexual tension
>> Reduce stress
>> Help you sleep better
>> Improve your self-esteem and body image
>> Help treat sexual problems
>> Relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension
>> Strengthen muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas

Can you believe a healthier, happier you is possible just from indulging in a pleasure filled activity every day? Masturbation is turning out to be a complete no-brainer.

Plus, the countless benefits are backed up with research from different experts. For example, Jodie Slee, a relationship and psychosexual therapist at Sensate Therapy, explains, “Regular orgasms cause the release of oxytocin and endorphins—hormones that boost general mood, making you feel more happy and satisfied.”

So, this means regular masturbation will indeed make you sleep better and reduce stress. Plus, feeling happy decreases the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body which in turn, will strengthen your immune system. Another benefit to add to the list.

Slee also mentions, “Daily masturbation increases desire, sexual sensitivity arousal, and overall sexual functioning in men and women suffering from sexual dysfunctions. Women experience better vaginal lubrication and men can improve their erectile functioning.”

I’m sold. This is wonderful news.

Clearly you can’t masturbate too much.

Forget my three days off. What was I thinking? It’s time to return to my old masturbation ways with a vengeance.

However, there’s something you have to consider first.

The truth is, the more I masturbate, the more challenging it is for me to reach an orgasm. It’s as if I build an immunity. I have always wondered what the reason behind this is. It’s the only issue that stops me from masturbating 24/7.

Gary Wilson may have the answer. He discussed an overuse of porn during a TED Talk, “When we have pornography freely available at our fingertips, the brain’s reward circuits go into overdrive. Like any addiction, the result is a numbed response to pleasure.”

For me, there is definitely a numbed response to erotica and even my own fingers. After two or three days of masturbating four or more times in a day, I become immune to sex stories and even fantasies inside my own head.

Is this a sign of an unhealthy masturbation habit or addiction?

After all, why would I carry on masturbating when it is clearly affecting me negatively? As the American Psychiatric Association explains, “People with an addiction have an intense focus on a specific substance (or activity), to the point that it takes over their life. They keep (going) even when they know it will cause problems.”

Basically you’re masturbating too much if it’s causing you problems. So, be honest with yourself. Are your masturbation habits making you feel amazing, or guilty?

For example, if masturbating is getting in the way of your daily life, not making you feel good, or causing you to break rules and be antisocial (perhaps, you’re masturbating in inappropriate locations), it’s time to stop.

“Masturbation can become addictive because it is such an instant tension reliever. There is nothing wrong with masturbation but, as with other activities, it can be destructive when used compulsively as a painkiller to cut off from feelings.”

So, take time to reflect. Check why you masturbate and how often. Are you happy with the frequency? Do you feel amazing afterward? Masturbation should be a wonderful part of life, which adds to your pleasure, and never detracts.

Regular masturbation clearly comes with lots of benefits.

So, all you have to do is find a healthy balance. For me, once a day is ideal. It means I am able to focus on other things and orgasm easily when I want to, but I don’t miss out on the wonderful sensation of a self-induced orgasm.

So, find a private room, close your eyes, and indulge. But remember…

“You can have too much of a good thing.”


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