June 29, 2020

Something Strange happens when you Let Go. {Poem}


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Something strange happens when you let go.

When you let go of the outcome,

Of the idea that you are in control,

When you let go of the branch you’re barely clinging to with sore hands.


Something happens when you can hold on no longer,

And you let your fingers slip,

Stop resisting.


Stop grasping and reaching and kicking against the current,

Be still for a moment and you’ll see that you will float.

Stop and see that the deep and churning current that you have feared

Is actually quite peaceful,

When you realize you can float.

When you lay on your back, staring at the clouds, letting it carry you,

When you see that the goal is no longer to resist the flow of the unknown,

But to submerge yourself deeper into it.


So swim in the gray,

Soak in the unknowing.

Dwell in the lostness and the vastness of the labyrinth forest,

And simply be lost,

Because that means you were brave enough to venture off the steady beaten trail.


You were unsatisfied with such simple choices,

Left, right

Good, bad

North, south.


You recognize that the path you want to be on,

The path to fulfillment, to healing,

To joy and growth and reconciliation,

The one that tugs you forward by the laces of your shoes,

That path isn’t linear.


The steady beaten trail laid before your feet is not the one

That will get you where you need to go,

So be comfortable with being lost.

Don’t seek the conclusion,

Just seek the single next step.


Make enough wrong turns and you’ll soon realize

There’s no such thing as a wrong turn

Or a f*ck up

Or a setback

They are all just steps.


And maybe later you will see,

The path you are walking can never lead you out of the forest,

But only deeper into it.

And that is where we find ourselves, and each other.

When we are comfortable not having the answer,

When we release the need to know and win and be right,

Maybe that is where we find peace.


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